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What is a Healthy pH Balance?

A healthy pH balance in the body depends on which bodily fluid you measure. Urine pH is the most accurate indicator, a chronic low urine pH balance can indicated a problem with poor bodily pH balance
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Alkaline Water FACTS: All about pH

The pH and the ORP of alkaline water are not the same thing. pH stands for potential hydrogen, ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. pH measures the presence of hydroxyl ions in water, vs. the presence of hydrogen. Water with higher levels of hydroxyl ions than hydrogen atoms has an alkaline pH
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Do you have metabolic acidosis? How to find out

A simple urine pH test is a reliable indicator of chronic metabolic acidosis – a recurring health condition that can lead to worse problems. If left untreated, metabolic acidosis can become metabolic syndrome, the symptoms of which are: Obesity, high blood pressure, kidney stones, high blood sugar, low urine pH and high blood sugar levels.
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