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Is High pH Alkaline Water Dangerous?

Is drinking high pH alkaline water dangerous? Only if there is a high concentration of strong alkali in it. Much higher than you could get from a water ionizer (except for the Kangen Machine when chemical alkalis are added). The pH of the water and the Alkalinity of water are
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What is a Healthy pH Balance?

A healthy pH balance in the body depends on which bodily fluid you measure. Urine pH is the most accurate indicator, a chronic low urine pH balance can indicated a problem with poor bodily pH balance
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Alkaline Water Science: pH of water vs. Alkalinity

Many people think that water pH and water alkalinity are the same thing, but they’re not! Water’s pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water. Water alkalinity measures the ability of that water to neutralize acid. The pH of alkaline water and alkaline water’s alkalinity are not the
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What effect does the ph of water have?

The pH of water determines if water is alkaline, acidic or neutral. Alkaline water is drunk for health purposes.  Neutral pH water is neither alkaline nor acidic. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, but pure water isn’t found in nature, and drinking it is bad for your health.
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Why you must Drink Alkaline Water for better Hydration

Why Alkaline Water is better for Hydration Studies have shown that  Alkaline water may hydrate better than plain water. Thanks to recent research conducted at Colorado State University, we now know why! Studies have shown that a class of proteins found in every cell in the body called aquaporins can
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Alkaline Water Science: Why Water pH Matters

Healthy water has an alkaline pH Pure water has a pH of about 7, but pure water isn’t found in nature, and actually isn’t good for your health. The water you normally drink has both alkaline minerals and carbonate (dissolved CO2)  in it. Those minerals are good for your health,
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How Alkaline Water Helps Fight Metabolic Syndrome

The Cure can Feel Worse than the Problem Doctors commonly prescribe several different types of drugs to lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, all of these drugs come with side effects. In some cases, these side effects are serious enough to make people using them decide to make the medically-risky decision to
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Alkaline Water FACTS: All about pH

The pH and the ORP of alkaline water are not the same thing. pH stands for potential hydrogen, ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. pH measures the presence of hydroxyl ions in water, vs. the presence of hydrogen. Water with higher levels of hydroxyl ions than hydrogen atoms has an alkaline pH
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Do you have metabolic acidosis? How to find out

A simple urine pH test is a reliable indicator of chronic metabolic acidosis – a recurring health condition that can lead to worse problems. If left untreated, metabolic acidosis can become metabolic syndrome, the symptoms of which are: Obesity, high blood pressure, kidney stones, high blood sugar, low urine pH and high blood sugar levels.
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