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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

How your pH balance affects your Health

Your pH balance affects your heart, lungs, bones, and other vital organs. If your pH balance is chronically acidic, it will have severe health consequences. Heart trouble, high blood pressure, bone loss, and even obesity are all linked to an unhealthy pH balance in the body
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How to Reduce Acidity in the Body

You can reduce acidity in the body with diet, mindfulness, and alkaline water. It’s important to test your body pH to make sure it’s working, here’s how: You’ll need urine pH test strips so you can measure your 24 average urine pH. Over time your average urine pH should rise
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Metabolic Acidosis Linked to Kidney Disease

Metabolic acidosis can kill your kidneys. What is metabolic acidosis? A temporary condition where your body pH drops dangerously low. Metabolic acidosis can be asymptomatic: That means you could suffer from it and not even know! Get the facts about metabolic acidosis before your kidneys pay the price.
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How to Raise Your Urine pH Naturally

The right kind of diet and the right kind of water can raise your urine pH naturally, and that can help you overcome many health problems such as Metabolic Syndrome, Gout, Yeast Infections, and it may even help dissolve kidney stones.
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Benefits of Alkaline Water for Heart Disease

The benefits of alkaline water for your heart after it attacks come from healthy minerals, pH balance and age-fighting antioxidant potential. It’s better for your heart than bottled waters that can lack healthy minerals and don’t have antioxidant potential.
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Urinary Tract Infection linked to Urine pH

Urinary tract infections may be prevented by raising urine pH. Recent research shows that low urine pH enables the spread of e-coli bacteria, which cause urinary infections. Eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water can alkalize your urine pH and promote the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut that fight urinary infections.
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Alkaline Water Benefits for Gout

Alkaline water can help fight gout attacks and help prevent gout attacks by raising your urine pH. That enables your kidneys to expel more uric acid, the cause of gout. The best way to treat painful gout attacks is to prevent them in the first place. Drinking alkaline water benefits gout suffers in two ways: First, it can help when gout strikes by helping flush uric acid from your system. Second it can help prevent gout attacks by preventing uric acid from building up in your system in the first place.
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Why does Lemon Juice make you Alkaline?

Lemon juice is acidic, but it alkalizes your urine – why? Your body metabolizes the citric acid in lemon juice, leaving alkaline minerals behind. The ability of any food to alkalize or acidify your body is known as the food’s Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). Here’s what you need to know …
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3 Ways Alkaline Water Benefits Bone Health

Drinking alkaline water benefits your bone health by raising your blood pH and supplying beneficial calcium. Drinking alkaline water is one of the best things you can do for your bones. Alkaline water reduces bone loss, improves calcium absorption and it’s safer than bone loss drugs! Keep the bones you have healthy by drinking alkaline water. It’s much easier to maintain healthy bones than it is to strengthen weak bones.
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Your pH Balance gets Worse as you Age

How come young people can eat foods that give older folks heartburn? Because a healthy pH balance gets harder to maintain as you age. Middle-aged and older people are more susceptible to a health robbing condition called metabolic acidosis – which contributes to disease and premature aging. Thankfully, a healthy alkaline lifestyle can put you back in charge of your health.
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The Benefits of pH Balanced Water

In good health, you’re body maintains an alkaline pH balance. If you are in poor health, pH balanced water may help restore your pH balance. Our body’s alkaline buffer declines with age, drinking pH balanced water can help your body restore the alkaline buffer it needs for good health. There are many health benefits to having a healthy pH balance, this article discusses the most popular health benefits that can come from drinking pH balanced water
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