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How your pH balance affects your Health

Your pH balance affects your heart, lungs, bones, and other vital organs. If your pH balance is chronically acidic, it will have severe health consequences. Heart trouble, high blood pressure, bone loss, and even obesity are all linked to an unhealthy pH balance in the body
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Metabolic Acidosis Linked to Kidney Disease

Metabolic acidosis can kill your kidneys. What is metabolic acidosis? A temporary condition where your body pH drops dangerously low. Metabolic acidosis can be asymptomatic: That means you could suffer from it and not even know! Get the facts about metabolic acidosis before your kidneys pay the price.
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How to Raise Your Urine pH Naturally

The right kind of diet and the right kind of water can raise your urine pH naturally, and that can help you overcome many health problems such as Metabolic Syndrome, Gout, Yeast Infections, and it may even help dissolve kidney stones.
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Your pH Balance gets Worse as you Age

How come young people can eat foods that give older folks heartburn? Because a healthy pH balance gets harder to maintain as you age. Middle-aged and older people are more susceptible to a health robbing condition called metabolic acidosis – which contributes to disease and premature aging. Thankfully, a healthy alkaline lifestyle can put you back in charge of your health.
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Metabolic Acidosis Symptoms and Treatment

Do you often feel tired and out of breath? Find yourself breathing rapidly after light exercise, but still feel like you’re suffocating? These are symptoms of metabolic acidosis, a potentially dangerous condition you should not ignore. Metabolic acidosis is a temporary condition where your blood pH drops to dangerously low
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What is Metabolic Acidosis? | Symptoms

Metabolic acidosis is a temporary condition where the blood pH drops to dangerously low levels. Respiratory acidosis, the most common form of metabolic acidosis, occurs when you are out of breath. In this state, there is too much CO2 in your blood, and your lungs can’t discharge all of it.
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Alkaline Water and the pH link to Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to low urine pH Metabolic syndrome is a constellation of modern day physiological screw-ups, it is considered to be a factor in obesity,  hypertension and  kidney stones. A large, recently completed study has documented an important new finding in the fight against metabolic syndrome – sufferers also
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