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EZ Water or Living Water is an Alkaline Water Scam

Want to know what the latest absurd gimmick in healthy water is today? Look no further than Dr. Mercolaā€™s EZ Water or Living Water. Dr. Mercola claims: ā€œThere is a fourth phase of water, not H2O but H3O2, and can be called living water. Itā€™s more viscous, dense, and alkaline
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Kangen Healing Water: Is it for real?

Is Kangen healing water for real? Enagic corporation, the maker of the Kangen machine, says No! Enagic forbids it’s sales people from making health claims. Any Kangen water sales person you hear making health claims for Kangen water is committing a fraud.
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How to destroy a Kangen Water machine

Would you buy a $4000 appliance that can destroy itself? What if that appliance could destroy itself and the damage wasnā€™t covered by your warranty? This shocking surprise is exactly what awaits you if you buy a Kangen WaterĀ® machine. According to the Ā Enagic KangenĀ® website, damage caused by Enagic’s
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Alkaline Water According to Dr Mercola

There are over 40 studies showing health benefits from drinking alkaline water. So why is Dr. Mercola claiming it’s dangerous? If you look closely at his website, you can find the reason: He has something to sell you – and the FDA wants him to stop.
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Alkaline Water – Myth or Misunderstood?

Are the benefits of alkaline water a myth or merely misunderstood? To find out, Life’s blog author tackled alkaline water’s critics head on. What we found out is that few, if any, of alkaline water’s critics actually know what alkaline water is! Nearly all of the critiques of alkaline water turn out to be just as pseudo-scientific as the Kangen Water claims they say they’re debunking!
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The $4,000 alkaline water scam EXPOSED

Dr Rafael Castillo was “shocked” when a relative of his paid $4,000 for a Kangen Water machine. He called it an alkaline water scam. But is it? Yes. The way the Kangen Water machine is sold is scandalous, and something must change. Enagic casts aspersion on the entire water ionizer industry by the way they market the Kangen machine.
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Kangen Water – Scam or Not?

Why are people calling Kangen Water a scam? Because Kangen Water is promoted using dishonest sales tactics. Discover the dirty secret behind Kangen Water – what Enagic doesn’t want to tell you. Kangen water is weaker than alkaline water made by competing ionizers that actually cost a lot less. Kangen water can even become toxic due added chemicals and to the limitations of the Kangen Machine’s filter.
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The Water Ionizer Scam on claims that water ionizers are “medically baseless”. Really? There’s over 40 studies that report health benefits from drinking alkaline water. This article debunks Snopes’ claims about water ionizers, and discusses the studies that prove Snopes is wrong.
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