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What is Water Ionization?

Water ionization gives alkaline water two healthy properties: Acid fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential. Acidic water is also generated by the process. Acidic water has uses as a beauty treatment and its great for plants.
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How alkaline water ionization makes water healthy

The process of Alkaline water ionization raises water’s pH to healthy levels, gives it acid-fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential. Alkaline water machines do this by changing the mineral composition in your tap water. Ordinary water has mineral carbonates in it which aren’t very alkaline. A water ionizer changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates, which are alkaline.
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How Does a Water Ionizer Work | VIDEO

It’s magnetism, not magic! Learn how a water ionizer works in two minutes flat by watching this informative video. it’s much simpler than most water ionizer salespeople make it out to be! Armed with the facts from this video, you’ll know what makes alkaline water so healthy, and how to choose the right ionizer for health purposes.
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