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The $4,000 alkaline water scam EXPOSED

Dr Rafael Castillo was “shocked” when a relative of his paid $4,000 for a Kangen Water machine. He called it an alkaline water scam. But is it? Yes. The way the Kangen Water machine is sold is scandalous, and something must change. Enagic casts aspersion on the entire water ionizer industry by the way they market the Kangen machine.
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Life Ionizer MXL13 vs. Kangen’s K8 Water Ionizer Review

Compare the Life Ionizers M-13 to the Kangen K8 water ionizer: The M-13 costs $1,383 less, makes better alkaline water, and has a longer lifetime warranty. The Life M-13 is also easily convertible to under counter use with Life’s stainless steel faucet. The Kangen K8 can’t be used under counter – period. It’s counter top only.
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