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How Does a Water Ionizer Work | VIDEO

It’s magnetism, not magic! Learn how a water ionizer works in two minutes flat by watching this informative video. it’s much simpler than most water ionizer salespeople make it out to be! Armed with the facts from this video, you’ll know what makes alkaline water so healthy, and how to choose the right ionizer for health purposes.
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How is Kangen Water Made?

Kangen water™ is made using a home water ionizer called the Kangen Water machine. Kangen is a brand name owned by Enagic™ Corporation for ionized alkaline water made by their water ionizer. All water ionizers use electrically-charged plates to break down ordinary tap water into alkaline water, with essential minerals
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Do Water Ionizers Really Work?

Do Water Ionizers Really Work? The facts. Water ionizers do work, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to prove it. A water ionizer is a machine that uses electricity to change the structure and content of the minerals in water. Water ionizers sold for home use make ionized
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