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Facts about Chlorine in Drinking Water & Health

Chlorine at room temperature becomes a gas, which in high enough concentrations can be hazardous to your health. Your largest source of exposure to chlorine in drinking water is when you take a bath or shower, and chlorine builds up in the enclosed bath or shower stall. If you are
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Common Water Pollution Illness Symptoms

Is water pollution making you sick? There are many ways your tap water can poison you, but some are more common than others. Most tap water illnesses are caused by bacteria. A UC Berkley study estimated that elderly persons face a 12% higher risk of developing a stomach illness by
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Is hard water bad for you?

Is hard water bad for you? No. Hard water is actually good for you! Hard water contains beneficial calcium and magnesium – but it can be hard to absorb. You can make it easier to absorb – and taste better – by ionizing it with a water ionizer.
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Softened Water vs Hard Water for Health

Softened Water and Health Hard water is better for your health than softened water because of the mineral content in hard water. Large studies of populations in the U.S and Europe show that people who drank hard water had lower rates of heart disease and high blood pressure than people
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Water best for hydration says Harvard Health

A recent article in the Harvard School of Public Healthā€™s newsletter The Nutrition Source reveals that the very best way to quench your thirst is by drinking water. Harvard also recommends that you go easy on milk and juice, and skip sugary drinks entirely. Water is without doubt the healthiest
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Is mineral water good for you?

Drinking mineral water is probably the most effective way to get important minerals like calcium and magnesium. Mineral water may even be the best way to get healthy mineral nutrition ā€“ unless the mineral water you are drinking contains high amounts of sodium! Many bottled mineral waters contain high amounts
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Alkaline Water Medical Studies

Did you know? There are over 40 studies done on the health benefits of alkaline water. Studies show that alkaline water shows promise for detoxification, weight loss, blood pressure control and many other health issues as well. It’s important to keep in mind that alkaline water is a relatively new
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Is Alkaline Water a Scam?

Any water with a pH higher than 7 is alkaline water, if you have hard water you may already have alkaline water coming out of the tap! But what about health claims? Widely-quoted skeptic Brian Dunning dismisses alkaline water by claiming ā€œAll alkaline water does is raise the pH of
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Is Alkaline Water better than Plain Water?

Experts from the Mayo Clinic to the Japanese Ministry of Health have weighed in on this question.Ā  For some people, the answer is yes. According to Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky: alkaline ionized water may help slow bone loss. But researchers havenā€™t verified other health claims. Most notably: Plain water
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Fluoride Pesticide found in Nationā€™s Drinking Water

A recent documentaryĀ  reveals a dark secret about fluoridated tap water.Ā  Many cities are fluoridating using a pesticide from China! It is a known toxin that lowers IQ and causes neurological damage.Ā  The sodium fluoride from China is of particular concern because of that nationā€™s ongoing problems with lead-tainted products.
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Why you should ionize your drinking water

Ionized alkaline water is better for you than plain drinking water. A water ionizer makes the minerals in your water more bio-available. In the body, waterborne minerals are known as free minerals because they are available to absorb. Ionized alkaline water vs. plain drinking water A water ionizer concentrates the
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Does a Water Ionizer Remove Fluoride?

Yes! Life Alkaline Water ionizers do remove some fluoride from water when they ionize the water. The amount of fluoride a water ionizer will remove depends on the filters it uses, and how powerful the ionizer is. Life Ionizers makes sure your water ionizer removesĀ  fluoride from your water by
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