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6 Steps to do an Alkaline Water Detox

Your body has it’s own, built-in detoxification systems, your liver, lungs,  and kidneys. These systems need no help in a perfectly healthy body, but many people don’t have perfectly healthy bodies. Your body is a good candidate for a detoxification regimen if you lack energy, have digestive health issues, or
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Benefits of Alkaline Water for Detoxification

Alkaline water can be an important part of a detoxification regimen by providing hydration and antioxidant potential. Studies show that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. Hydration is exactly what the body needs if it is to flush toxins. Alkaline water can also help with improving the antioxidant potential
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Alkaline Water Side Effects

What are the side effects of alkaline water? Alkaline water has no clinically-documented side effects. This despite the fact that there are over 40 scientific studies on alkaline water.  Some new drinkers do report a few mild side effects, none of them serious.  This article discusses possible side effects that have
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