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Why Alkaline Water is not Micro clustered

Are micro clustered water machines for real? Some brands of water ionizer claim to microcluster water molecules into hexagonal rings of six molecules. That ‘micro clustered’ water is supposed to be more hydrating than plain water, but is it? Yes, the water made by the machine is more hydrating than
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Alkaline Water Science | Hydroxyl Ions

The health benefits of alkaline water are attributed to the minerals in alkaline water and to hydroxyl ions. The presence of hydroxyl ions in alkaline water is one of the most poorly understood facts about alkaline water. Some health advocates claim that alkaline water is an antioxidant because of the
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Alkaline Water Science: pH of water vs. Alkalinity

Many people think that water pH and water alkalinity are the same thing, but theyā€™re not! Waterā€™s pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water. Water alkalinity measures the ability of that water to neutralize acid. The pH of alkaline water and alkaline waterā€™s alkalinity are not the
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The Chemistry of Alkaline Water

Most tap water in the US is hard water, which contains large amounts of dissolved mineral carbonates such as calcium carbonate. A Water ionizer uses electrically charged plates to change the mineral carbonates in ordinary tap water into mineral hydroxides. This chemical change is what makes alkaline water from a
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