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Bottled Water vs Tap Water Facts

Think bottled water is healthier than tap water? Think again. Bottled water can contain chemicals that leech from the plastic that can make it toxic! In fact, pregnant women and young children should NEVER drink bottled water that’s been left in a hot car
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How Bottled Water is Killing You

BPA and other endocrine disrupters found in bottled water are silent killers. But bottled water isn’t the only culprit. Here are some other sources of hormone disrupting chemicals that you’d never expect,.
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Why Bottled Alkaline Water may be Toxic

You bought it for health, but that bottled alkaline water you’re drinking is contaminated with Antimony – A toxic heavy metal and hormone disruptor. Pregnant women and children should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles entirely – here’s what you need to know
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Which Brand of Bottled Alkaline Water is Antioxidant?

There are only 3 brands of bottled alkaline water that claim to be antioxidant: Real Water, NEO Water, and Willard Water. But are they antioxidant water? The problem is: The antioxidant potential of alkaline water doesn’t keep in bottles – unless you add chemicals to it. Do you really trust your health to water with added (and unknown) chemicals?
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6 Ways your Drinking Water may be Killing You

When you feel thirsty, you may not think twice about reaching for a glass or a bottle of water. But you might want to think about it, because the water you’re drinking may be robbing you of your health. Bottled water, often promoted with claims of purity and healthfulness, can
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Why Water Ionizers are Better than Bottled Water

Did you know? If your tap water cost the same amount as bottled water (average $1.29) your monthly water bill would be $9000!  And tap water is mostly what you get when you buy bottled water. According to Consumer Reports, 47% of all bottled waters are nothing more than filtered
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How an Alkaline Water Machine saves you Money

Most people know that alkaline water from an alkaline water machine can help save your health from the harmful effects of an acidic diet. But did you know a water ionizer also saves you money? If you’re reaching for bottled water when you’re thirsty, or when you cook, you’re probably 
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Bottled Mineral Water vs. Alkaline Water

Bottled mineral waters have become popular today as people discover the benefits of waterborne mineral nutrition. Alkaline water ionizers are gaining in popularity and public acceptance as word gets out about the health benefits of alkaline water. What few people know is, mineral water and alkaline water is actually the
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