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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Effects of Alkaline Water on Digestive Health

The Gastrointestinal tract encompasses all of the organs involved with eating and waste elimination. This includes everything from your stomach to your colon. Parts of your digestive tract are pH sensitive, and that’s why alkaline water has an effect on your digestive health. For example: food triggers the GI tract
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Ionized Alkaline Water may protect against radiation poisoning

Water ionizers can protect you from radiation poisoning in ways that no other water filtration system can. Water radiolysis makes water deadly by turning water molecules into harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) by stripping electrons from the molecules. Water ionizers restore the lost electrons which then reverses the damage
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Alkaline Water Detox for Hangovers

Alkaline water is part of a healthy lifestyle, but what if you overindulge? Alkaline water can both help prevent hangovers, and help you recover sooner. It breaks down harmful oxidants that can destroy your liver and helps you stay hydrated, both of these benefits can help prevent hangovers and reduce their severity.
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4 Signs that you have kidney stones

Renal colic – waves of pain emanating from the kidneys, is one sign of kidney stones. But to be sure you must check for these other symptoms as well. You may also see smelly, discolored urine, and have flu like symptoms.
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How your pH balance affects your Health

Your pH balance affects your heart, lungs, bones, and other vital organs. If your pH balance is chronically acidic, it will have severe health consequences. Heart trouble, high blood pressure, bone loss, and even obesity are all linked to an unhealthy pH balance in the body
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How to Reduce Acidity in the Body

You can reduce acidity in the body with diet, mindfulness, and alkaline water. It’s important to test your body pH to make sure it’s working, here’s how: You’ll need urine pH test strips so you can measure your 24 average urine pH. Over time your average urine pH should rise
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Top 5 Foods that are making you Fat

Shocker: According to a 20 year study, the food most responsible for making you fat? Potatoes. The top five foods that sabotage your diet may not be what you think they are. Get the facts from the latest medical research
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Alkaline Water Effects on the Body

Alkaline water effects everyone’s body differently. The affect it will have on you depends on your health, age, and weight mostly. You can expect to see effects from drinking alkaline water in about 30 days after starting to drink it.
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