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Cosan water ionizer compared to the Pitcher of Life

The Cosan water ionizer is an alkaline water filter that costs $500. The Pitcher of Life is an alkaline water filter that costs $39.97. Both of these products make antioxidant alkaline water with dissolved molecular hydrogen in it. They both give you about the same pH level and antioxidant ORP
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Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus makes several false allegations against Life Ionizers. To set the record straight, we offer this rebuttal. We would prefer it if the owner of Alkaline Water Plus would take down the false allegations.
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The Alkaline Myth EXPOSED

The alkaline myth is a health scam being run by Marcus Rothkranz, a health “guru” who thinks women can avoid pregnancy by eating a raw diet. Marcus’ advice is definitely sketchy. He advises you not to worry about protein on the same webpage where he’s trying to sell you protein powder!
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Alkaline Water According to Dr Mercola

There are over 40 studies showing health benefits from drinking alkaline water. So why is Dr. Mercola claiming it’s dangerous? If you look closely at his website, you can find the reason: He has something to sell you – and the FDA wants him to stop.
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Water Ionizers Compared to the Pitcher of Life

Water ionizers and the Pitcher of Life filter water and make it alkaline, but they do so by different means. Here is what you need to know: Ionizers make different levels of alkaline water. If you”re struggling with acidic health problems, you need to be able to control the pH and antioxidant potential of your alkaline water.
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