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Stop drinking bottled water: EarthFair

This Sunday, learn how to save water, before we run out. Water conservation is going to be prominently featured at EarthFair 2015 this Sunday in San Diego so if you want to do your part, EarthFair is the best place to start. As you probably know, California is severely short on water, Governor Brown has mandated a 25% cut in water use for all communities statewide. This mandatory cut means that water rationing is going to quickly become a reality unless we act voluntarily to cut our water usage, right now.


It takes tree bottles of water to make one bottle of water – and we can’t afford it

Note: The author of this article is a manager for San Diego Earthworks, the organization that produces San Diego EarthFair.

What you can do: Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Why is this happening? Nestle Corporation is bottling and selling spring water it takes from California – without a permit. Nestle bottles California water under the  Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water and Nestle Pure Life labels. Just one of Nestle’s bottling plants pumps 200 million gallons of water per year. That’s enough water for about 400 homes for a year! In fact, Nestle water consumption is being blamed for declining water levels in the Coachella Valley Aquifer. They are simply pumping more water than the aquifer can provide.

Did you know? It actually takes 3 bottles of water to make one bottle of bottled water! It takes two bottles-worth to make the plastic bottle, and one bottles worth to fill it!

Nestle isn’t the only company that’s bottling California’s water. Crystal Geyser, Aquafina, and Dasani (Coca Cola) bottled waters are also taken from California springs. Coca Cola actually consumes 1.63 liters of water for every liter of water bottled.  Taken has a whole, the bottled water industry is taking billions of gallons of water per year from California aquifers.

What you can do: Stop buying bottled water. Get a filter pitcher, a water ionizer, or some other type of water treatment device, filter your tap water and drink it.

What else you can do: Water Wise Exhibits at Earth Fair 2015

These organizations work year-round to conserve water in San Diego. Even if you are reading this article after Earth Fair is done, you can still contact them for assistance in conserving water.

City of San Diego Provides free services to help you save water. Sign up for residential water surveys and money saving rebate programs provided by the city to cut your water usage. You will save money and water at the same time. Area 10, Site 1084.

The Dr. Wilderness Show – Fun for all ages. A magical exploration of the wonders of nature. Children of all ages will discover the magic that happens when we save our most precious resource! Area 2 at the Lilly Pond

Eco Womb Is a family run educational non-profit that teaches sustainable living. Come find out what you can do to live within California’s shrinking water budget. Area 7N Site 7150

The League of Women Voters will have information about San Diego’s Climate Action Plan. There will be a quiz, win free succulent cuttings for correct answers! Area 2 Site 263

Rainwater and Greywater is an environmental design company that will be showcasing water conserving landscape designs. Come find out how to save rainwater and reuse your grey water. You’ll save water and money at the same time. Area 8 Site 812

San Diego Drum and TotesFree Rain Barrels! SD Drums and Totes repurposes used food-grade drums to be used as rain barrels and as part of Aquaponic and Hydroponic garden systems. Come find out how you can build low-cost water reclamation systems and gardens – using materials that would have ended up in a landfill! Area 7N Site 712

Water saving tip for water ionizer owners: You can divert the acidic water outlet from your water ionizer into a rain barrel and save the water for your garden. Plants love acidic ionized water! I do this at home with two, 25 gallon rain barrels, my garden has never been greener!

Water Conservation Garden promotes water saving landscaping and sustainable living. Come discover drought-tolerant plants that will beautify your garden and save water at the same time. Area 6 Site 602

WaterReuse Association teaches responsible use, conservation, and recycling of water. Come discover ongoing projects within the County of San Diego that help residents and businesses alike save water.

San Diego Earth Fair is this Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM

There is a lot going on at EarthFair! There will be music, children’s activities, parades and more! Every year EarthFair draws about 60,000 visitors and has promoted a clean, healthy, prosperous future for San Diego for the last 26 years. I hope to see you there! ~Leo


Save money and water by making your tap water healthy. Call us at 855 419-2840 for a free, no obligation consultation with a water expert.

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