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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Pitcher of Life vs Velaqua Alkaline Water Filter

Comparison Between Pitcher of Life vs Velaqua Alkaline Water Filter

life-ionizer-reviews-pol-kidneyThinking about plunking down $300 on the Velaqua alkaline water filter? You may want to think again after comparing it to Life Ionizers Pitcher of Life. The Velaqua system and the Pitcher of Life both make water alkaline the same way, by adding minerals to it. Both make alkaline water with about the same potency, the pH for both ranges from 9 – 10, and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is about -200 millivolts. The only major difference between the Velaqua and the Pitcher of Life is the price. The Velaqua costs about $300 and the Pitcher of Life is $49.95, and comes with a one year warranty

What you’re paying for when you buy an alkaline water system

Pitcher of Life vs Velaqua Alkaline Water Filter

Save yourself $250 over the Velaqua system with the Pitcher of Life

The benefits of alkaline water come from it’s alkalinity, and ORP. Water’s alkalinity measures how much acid the water can neutralize. The higher the alkalinity, the more acid it can neutralize. ORP measures the antioxidant potential of water in millivolts. Negative ORP means the water has antioxidant potential, a positive ORP means that the water is an oxidant. The best alkaline water has high alkalinity, and high negative ORP. Water ionizers make the best alkaline water, the Life M-11 can make alkaline water with a pH of over 11, and a negative ORP of over -800. Alkaline water filters can’t make alkaline water as powerful as a water ionizer.

Pitcher of Life vs. Velaqua: Water Filtration

The Pitcher of Life has a much better filter than the Velaqua system. The Pitcher of Life uses an ion-trapping composite media that filters a wide of contaminants. The Velaqua uses a carbon filter with colloidal silver in it. You should be aware that this means that the Valaqua system may put some colloidal silver in your water. The problem with this is that long term consumption of colloidal silver can cause you to turn blue. It’s a condition called Argyria, and it’s permanent.

Life Water Ionizers vs. Velaqua: Water Filtration

A Life Ionizer has vastly superior filtration than the Valaqua. Life Ionizers use multiple internal filters that include our patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology. Vitamin C filtration is effective against chlorine and chloramines. The Velaqua filter is only effective against chlorine. Chloramines may be even more dangerous than chlorine, because they can form trihalomethanes – potent carcinogens!

A Water Ionizer is your best bet for alkalinity and ORP

Pitcher of Life vs Velaqua Alkaline Water Filter

Outperforms the Velaqua water filter by a huge margin for pH and ORP

Alkaline filter pitchers like the Pitcher of Life make healthy alkaline water, but they are no match for a water ionizer. If you are buying an alkaline water system to fight the effects of acidity in your body, a water ionizer is worth the investment.

Water ionizers can make much stronger alkaline water than a filter system can, and they make a lot more of it. The Life M-11 can make alkaline water at a rate of better than a gallon a minute, and the water it makes has nearly 4 times more antioxidant potential than the water made by the Velaqua system. The Velaqua system takes about 20 minutes to make a gallon of alkaline water. If you have a family, or plan to cook using your alkaline water, you will quickly discover that the Velaqua system won’t keep up.

You’re worth it. Call us today at 877-959-7977 to find the perfect alkaline water system. Call today and mention this article for special prices!

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