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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

How Free Radicals affect your Health

Free radicals and other oxidants are a normal product of your body’s metabolism. But when levels of radicals become excessive, premature aging and degenerative diseases will develop. Ionized alkaline water has antioxidant potential that can reduce levels of harmful radicals.
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Kangen Water Side Effects

Kangen water can cause side effects, but they are mild and usually do away within two weeks. But more severe side effects can occur if you use Kangen’s calcium glycerophosphate additive
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Why Alkaline Water for Weight Loss Works

Good health and healthy weight loss begins in the gut – and that’s where alkaline water goes to work helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Drinking alkaline water supports the healthy microbes in your gut that convert food into energy, and it suppresses the harmful microbes that turn food into fat.
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Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus makes several false allegations against Life Ionizers. To set the record straight, we offer this rebuttal. We would prefer it if the owner of Alkaline Water Plus would take down the false allegations.
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Bottled Water vs Tap Water Facts

Think bottled water is healthier than tap water? Think again. Bottled water can contain chemicals that leech from the plastic that can make it toxic! In fact, pregnant women and young children should NEVER drink bottled water that’s been left in a hot car
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