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Eat fish? Why you NEED to drink alkaline water

Eating fish is supposed to be good for you. Fish is rich in protein and healthy Omega-3 acid.


Alkaline water helps you detox from mercury and other heavy metals

Then why is there an increased risk of heart attack among people who eat lots of fish? How come pregnant women who eat a lot of fish have higher risk of premature delivery, low birth weight, and birth defects? Because unfortunately fish is also rich in mercury. Alkaline water has been shown to help detox the body of mercury. In fact, two Swedish studies suggested that alkaline water’s protective effect was so significant that they recommended drinking alkaline water to protect from the toxic effects of mercury

Mercury in fish – Health problems

Mercury intoxication has been linked with heart disease, premature aging, dementia, poor cognitive development in children and even suicide. The problems with mercury in fish are so serious, that health authorities in several states and some countries have recommended that pregnant women and young children limit their intake of fish. These mercury health warnings are now being extended to older people as the link between mercury and heart disease is becoming clearer. For people who enjoy fish, mercury contamination is a serious problem that is likely to have serious long term health effects.

Alkaline water: Detox from 10 heavy metals including mercury

Studies that compare people who drink acidic water to alkaline water have shown that over the long term, the pH of the water you drink affects what your body absorbs. The two Swedish studies conducted on the effect of water pH on mineral absorption showed that if you drink alkaline water, your body is going to retain higher amounts of beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you drink acidic water, your body retains higher amounts of toxic minerals like mercury.

Clinical testing in the US supports these findings. A study on people who were new to alkaline water tracked several clinical parameters of health to see what effect starting alkaline water would have on a person. Among the many positive health benefits they reported was that drinking alkaline water caused the test subjects to discharge high amounts of 10 different heavy metals including mercury!

Raising urine pH helps discharge acidic toxins like mercury and fluoride

The reason alkaline water helps you detox from acidic toxins is that it raises the pH of your urine. Your kidneys are the most efficient detoxification systems in existence, but their efficiency can be impaired if your urine is too acidic.

For example, if your urine has a pH of 5.5, your kidney’s are only able to expel about 5% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. Raise your urine to a pH of 7.6, and your kidneys are able to discharge 65% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. The same goes for any acidic toxin. That’s why doctors alkalize the urine of poisoning victims in the E.R to save their lives.

Alkaline water ionizers best for detox

Drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer is the best way to give your body a daily detox from harmful acidic toxins. But that’s not all alkaline water can do for you, it can also detox your fruits and vegetables from acidic herbicide and pesticide residues including Monsanto’s Roundup. Alkaline water neutralizes acidic residues, plain water doesn’t. You can even do a simple chemistry experiment to see it work.

Fill a bowl with alkaline water from a water ionizer. Then fill another bowl with plain water. Put equal amounts of vegetables into both bowls of water and wait. In just a few minutes, the water in the alkaline water bowl will turn muddy brown. The water in the plain water bowl won’t change color. For best results, soak fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for about 20 minutes, then rinse and eat.

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