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Nearly One out of Four people have toxic tap water: Are you one of them?

Nearly a quarter of the US population is being served toxic tap water by their local water utility, according to a recently published study by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The contaminants found in the study include carcinogens like hexavalent chromium six, neurotoxins like lead and arsenic, and even nitrates that can be lethal to infants. Worse yet, many of these toxins are going unreported, so the affected people don’t even know that they are being poisoned! If all that wasn’t bad enough; these problems are expected to get worse, and the EPA will do nothing to stop it.

A one-two punch: Decaying infrastructure and lax enforcement

So why is it that we know there is so much toxic tap water out there, – we know it’s getting worse – and we aren’t doing anything about it? It comes down to two reasons:

  • Failing and outdated water infrastructure
  • Lack of enforcement of clean water standards

Failing and outdated infrastructure: The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives America’s water infrastructure a grade of D, because:

  • It needs over a trillion dollars in maintenance
  • Many water delivery systems are outdated and inadequate
  • Not all toxic chemicals in water are monitored or treated for
  • Rural water delivery systems lack the resources they need to improve

A trillion dollar problem … and counting. US water infrastructure is mainly funded by the rates that you pay to your local


Think that by living in the country you get fresh clean water? Think again

water utility. Those fees generate about $5 billion per year. The problem is; $150 billion per year is needed to restore water infrastructure to a safe condition, and that money’s not coming anytime soon.

Outdated water systems. Many of the pipes in the nation’s water delivery system were laid about 75 to 100 years ago. Those pipes have an expected lifespan of 75 to 100 years. Utilities are currently replacing outdated pipes at a rate of 0.5% per year. At that rate, it would take 200 years to replace all those old pipes – twice their expected lifespan.

Unmonitored and untreated toxins. Hexavalent chromium 6, Perfluoroalkyls PFOA and PFOS, Perchlorate (rocket fuel). Those toxins all have three things in common:

    • They are known carcinogens
    • We know they are in our water supplies
  • The EPA doesn’t test, monitor, or regulate them

So we know that the water coming out of our taps is contaminated with known carcinogens. But we don’t test for them, we don’t set limits on how much can be in our water supply, and we don’t monitor them to see how much of them we are being exposed to!

Rural water systems are the worst offenders. Lots of people move to the country to enjoy the fresh air and clean water. They think: “Finally, I’m out of that dangerous, polluted city.  I live in the country, where the air is fresh and the water is clean!” Not so fast. The small water systems that serve rural customers are the worst when it comes to water safety. How come? Rural water systems don’t have the financial resources that larger systems do. Because of that, they can’t afford the technology or the experts needed to spot problems and find solutions to those problems. They can’t respond, even when they know there is a problem.

Toxic tap water: Help isn’t on the way

We know there are problems with our nation’s water supply. We know what those problems are. We know how to fix the problems with our water supply. But we aren’t doing anything about it. Why? There are probably several reasons we won’t act, here are some:

  • We don’t have the money
  • Elected leaders have other priorities
  • Not enough people know there is a problem with their water

Money: Large budget cuts are planned for the EPA. The agency already doesn’t have enough funding to investigate all the complaints it gets, and it’s facing a one-third cut in already inadequate funding. That cut will further reduce EPA investigations, and clean water enforcement actions.

Other priorities: There’s been talk in Washington about infrastructure, but so far, there’s been no action. Everyone who has looked at the problem with infrastructure says it will be expensive to fix, but so far nobody has proposed a means to pay for it.

Not enough people know: It’s an age-old truism that: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Perhaps the squeaking about infrastructure hasn’t been loud enough to get much attention.

Regardless of the reasons that help isn’t on the way, many of us are still living with toxic tap water. If elected officials aren’t going to act, then the question becomes: What can we do to protect ourselves from toxic tap water?

Whole home filtration is your only defense against toxic tap water

Wide spectrum whole home filtration systems such as Life’s Dolphin whole home filtration system can provide protection from a wide range of contaminants – even ones that aren’t monitored by the EPA! The Dolphin system does this using ion-trapping, a space-age technology that is so powerful it can turn urine into drinking water! It works by attracting and binding toxins in your water supply to the filter media using an electrostatic charge. Just like a magnet, once the toxins are trapped, they have no way of escaping. Whole home systems stop toxins before they enter your home, so your home water system remains free of toxins. America’s water problems are going to get worse and threaten the lives of millions. Against all that, whole home filtration is your only defense

Want to know what toxins are in your water? Call us for a free no obligation water quality report at 877-959-7977. We’ll send you a free copy of the report, and explain your options, right over the phone

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