The curious case of the missing Life Ionizer reviews

Have you seen what all the water ionizer review websites are saying about Life’s new MXL-Series water ionizers? No?  Well, we haven’t either and are starting to wonder why.  In fact, of all the over a dozen water ionizer review websites, only two of them ( and have actually reviewed Life Ionizers current models.

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Where are the missing Life Ionizer Reviews?

Other than those two sites and e-tailer sites like Amazon, all of the “reviews” of Life water ionizers you find on the internet are of old, obsolete ionizers that have been out of production for years. Online reviews of Life Ionizers are conspicuously missing, and that may have something to do with Life’s new MXL-Series ionizers.

About a year ago, Life Ionizers began to distribute the new Life MXL-Series to water ionizer review websites for testing. The MXL-Series ionizers are totally new machines, they have nothing in common with Life’s old models. So where are the new Life Ionizer reviews? If the reason water ionizer review websites exist is to give consumers timely information on water ionizers currently being sold, why have only two water ionizer review sites reviewed Life’s new MXL-Series? Where are the missing Life Ionizer reviews?

Reviews of the Life Ionizer 7500

On practically every water ionizer review website, you can find head-to-head comparisons of virtually every competing model made with the Life Ionizer 7500. The problem with that is, the Life 7500 has been out of production for over 5 years! The 7500 was a great machine, Life gained many loyal customers from the years of reliable service that the 7500 provided them. But since then, Life Ionizers has introduced three newer generations of ionizers! The 7500 was replaced by the 7600, which was itself replaced by the 7700 series. In 2013, the 7700 series was replaced by the new Life M7, which for 2018 was replaced with our new MXL-7 series with our Hydrogen XL technology.

So why are competing water ionizer companies  only comparing themselves to Life Ionizers that has been out of production for years? What are they afraid of?

Life Ionizer reviews that don’t review Life water ionizers

Another strange fact about most Life water ionizer reviews found on the web is that they don’t actually review a Life water ionizer! Wouldn’t you find it strange if you were reading the reviews of a new car you were looking at, only to find that none of the “reviews” of it actually talk about the car? With the exception of only two water ionizer review sites, all of the water ionizer review sites seem to have stopped reviewing new Life Ionizer units built after the Life 7500.

Some of these “review” sites claim they “no longer carry Life Ionizers” as the reason they don’t review Life Ionizers. But that begs the question: “If they’re a water ionizer review site, why aren’t they reviewing new Life Ionizer models anyways? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do? Review new water ionizers? You don’t have to sell a product to test it. In fact, it’s common practice at Life Ionizers to provide demo models for testing by legitimate water ionizer review websites. Strangely enough, none of the review sites that like to compare their products to Life Ionizers have ever asked us for a demo of the new MXL-Series.

Where can you find independent reviews of Life Ionizers?

A truly independent review of any product can only come from somebody who doesn’t actually sell that product. When it comes to Life Ionizers, that rules out ALL of the water ionizer review sites on the web.  To find truly independent reviews of Life Ionizers, you have to visit sites like Amazon, which post customer reviews of products purchased there. Customer reviews of Life’s new MXL9 and MXL7 show that customers like how the alkaline water from their MXL-Series makes them feel, they value Life’s customer service, and they like their new ionizer. Here’s a small sample of what actual Life customers have to say about their new MXL-Series:

David R. likes the quality of the water from the Life MXL9:

“I’ve had my MXL9 ionizer for a few months now and couldn’t be more pleased. We drink so much more water now that we know we’re getting the best. The ionizer fits nicely under the sink, and the faucet design is sleek and simple to understand. Cant help but feel a bit futuristic hearing your faucet talk as you fill up your glass. Our water tastes better, and I feel that there is no wiser investment than safe and clean water for my family.”

Ken appreciates the hydrating ability of the water from his Life MXL7

“I’ve been drinking alkaline ionized water from this unit for about a year. Before drinking this water, my doctor had me taking Miralax, but the alkaline water absorbs into my system much faster so I don’t need the Miralax anymore. If anyone is having any kind of hydration problem, I would highly recommend this unit. It works for me. The unit is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance.”

Dianne says the alkaline water from her MXL9 makes her and her husband feel energized:

I purchased an MXL9 UC through […] (didn’t know Amazon even carried this!) and this REALLY works!!! Both my husband and I are recently retired and this has given us more energy and stamina. I HIGHLY recommend this.

In fact, all of the reviews on Amazon for Life’s MXL-Series have been positive. The same goes for the customer testimonials on Life Ionizer’s own site. Reviews of Life’s new MXL-Series read like testaments to the healthy benefits of alkaline water. Life Ionizer testimonials are filled with people that have had some incredibly positive results from their Life Ionizer, including doctors and pro athletes. Life has made four generations of water ionizers since the 7500 that all those sites “review”. That makes the fact that nearly all water ionizer review websites have failed to review the new MXL-Series look very peculiar indeed. What are they waiting for?


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