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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Is Magnesium Deficiency making you Fat?

You diet and exercise regularly but the pounds still don’t come off. Your doctor urges you to lose the weight because you’ve


Magnesium deficiency carries severe health consequences in addition to obesity

got high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar problems. If that sounds familiar, you may have a chronic marginal to moderate magnesium deficiency. This is causing a chronic low-grade inflammation. Chronic low grade inflammation is a component of obesity. If you suffer from chronic low grade inflammation, you are more likely to be obese. But there’s hope: A study called Magnesium, inflammation, and obesity in chronic illness shows that even a small improvement in your daily magnesium intake could have a profound effect on your weight and health.

Obese? Why you should be concerned about magnesium deficiency

Even a marginal deficiency in your daily  intake can mean big trouble if you’re obese. Low magnesium status is associated with several serious health problems such as:

  • Atherosclerosis – Hardened arteries
  • Hypertension – High blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis – Bone loss
  • Diabetes
  • Some tumors – Breast and colon

Why magnesium deficiency may be a greater nutritional problem than currently realized

Until recently, medical science didn’t think a marginal magnesium deficiency would be a factor in severe health issues. But a growing number of studies suggests otherwise. Human studies show that a low magnesium status is associated with elevated levels of inflammation and oxidative stress. A review of medical records for 5,773 adults in 2002 showed that people with low magnesium intake were 1.48 – 1.75 times more likely to suffer from chronic low grade inflammation. They were also more likely to be obese.

Magnesium deficiency increases your odds of being obese

Several studies have shown that among people with a lean Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 25, only 10.9% of them showed markers of chronic inflammation. But among obese people with a BMI of greater than 30, 67.2% of them showed markers of chronic inflammation.

The reasons chronic low grade inflammation develops into  obesity are not fully understood. Not all obese people suffer from chronic low grade inflammation, so there are other factors besides magnesium deficiency that can make you obese. But there is no question that low magnesium intake results in inflammation.

Magnesium in alkaline water easiest and fastest for the body to absorb

What’s important to note about the research on magnesium deficiency is that you don’t have to be severely deficient for magnesium deficiency to be a problem. People with marginal to moderate magnesium deficiency can and are adversely affected by it.

Drinking alkaline mineral water can supply 10 – 20% of your daily need for magnesium. An adult male needs to get about 400 mg of magnesium per day, a woman needs about 320 mg per day. This means if a man gets just 40 – 80 mg of magnesium per day in his water, it could make a big difference in his health. A woman needs less, 32 to 64 mg of magnesium per day to see benefit from drinking alkaline water. Since most of North America has hard water, which is rich in magnesium, it is very easy to get 10 – 20% of your daily needs from calcium from alkaline water.

Why ionized alkaline water is better than plain water as a source of magnesium

The magnesium and calcium in tap water can be hard to absorb, which means even if you get plenty of magnesium in your water, your body may not absorb it. A water ionizer converts tap water into ionized alkaline water by altering those hard to absorb minerals. The minerals in tap water come in the form of mineral bicarbonates. A water ionizer makes water alkaline by converting those hard-to-absorb mineral bicarbonates into easy to absorb mineral hydroxides.

The mineral hydroxides in alkaline water – calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide are recognized by the FDA for their ability to contribute to your daily needs for minerals. Because they’re easier to absorb, those mineral hydroxides are the reason that alkaline water hydrates the body 17% better and faster than plain water does. Drink a little bit of healthy hydrate minerals in your water – see a big difference in your health!

Could alkaline water make a difference in your health? Get the facts. Call us at 877-959-7977 for a free no obligation alkaline health consultation today


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