Long Term Health Benefits of Alkaline Water: A checkup

Long-Term Health Benefits of Alkaline Water: A checkup by Life Water Ionizers

If you’ve been drinking alkaline water for a year or more, it’s time for a checkup. There are simple tests your doctor can perform that you can use to compare your health with where you were a year ago. There are other things you can check for yourself that can help you determine what alkaline water benefits you have received over the past year.

Tests your doctor can perform

Long Term Health Benefits of Alkaline Water: A checkup

Yes, the benefits of alkaline water can be proven.

Your doctor will have access to your medical history. You should have your doctor check your blood pressure and compare it to previous checkups. If your blood pressure has improved, you may have been deficient in the minerals that alkaline water supplies.

Bone health markers are an excellent way to measure the benefit that alkaline water may have had on you. If your doctor evaluated your bone health before you started drinking alkaline water, she or he can compare two important markers of bone loss – CTX and Parathyroid hormone – to see if your levels have improved since you began drinking alkaline water.

Blood sugar levels are also a good way to check for an effect from alkaline water. If your doctor has tested your blood sugar previously, and had concerns, alkaline water may have helped. Ask your doctor to check again and compare the results. If you previously had healthy blood sugar levels, this test won’t really matter.

Tests you can perform

Alkaline water has effects you can see. Check your weight; many people invest in water ionizers to improve their weight.  If alkaline water has worked for you, you may have lost some weight and you were able to keep it off.

Skin, hair, and nails are also good indicators of that may come from drinking alkaline water. Nails and hair both are good indicators of mineral nutrition. Weak hair and brittle nails are both signs of mineral deficiency, if your nails are stronger, and your hair is healthier, you probably have improved your mineral nutrition levels. Your skin benefits from mineral nutrition and hydration.  You may want to compare a picture of yourself now to a picture taken before you started drinking alkaline water to see if it has improved the appearance of your skin.

Why Life Ionizers wants YOU to evaluate the long term effects of alkaline water on your health

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illnesses where mineral deficiencies are a factor have reached epidemic proportions.  In fact, many Americans will suffer and die needlessly from illnesses that may have been prevented by better nutrition.

Water ionizers make sweet and refreshing alkaline water that is easy for the body to absorb calcium and magnesium from. Life Ionizers wants to make sure your water ionizer is working as it is intended, and the best way to do that is to test your health. Make sure your doctor knows you’re drinking alkaline water too, that way your doctor can evaluate the effect alkaline water is having on you.


Want to put alkaline water to the test? Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977 and find out how easy it is to put a water ionizer in your home!

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