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Life Ionizers Reviews: Who Can You Trust

Honest Life Ionizers Reviews

Did you know? Life Ionizers is one of the oldest and largest water ionizer companies in North


Life’s new MXL Series water ionizers deliver more of the healthy benefits of alkaline water

America. Since 1996 Life Ionizers has been leading the healthy alkaline water revolution that many consumers are just now waking up to. There’s lot of competitor-owned water ionizer review websites that pretend to give life ionizer reviews, but then they give fake negative reviews so they can steer you towards their own products. When searching for Life Ionizer reviews, important for you to know who can you really trust.

Trustworthy reviews of Life Ionizers

Better Business Bureau: Life Ionizers is rated A+ (highest rating)

Trustpilot – Online consumer reviews: 4.8 out of five stars

Amazon: Real reviews by real customers

Why they are trustworthy: Amazon doesn’t compete with Life Ionizers, so they have nothing to gain by making up fake negative Life Ionizer reviews

Water ionizer review sites. Who is really behind them

There are two kinds of water ionizer review sites: Ones that sell water ionizers, and ones that don’t. If you visit a review site that sells Life Ionizers, guess what? You’re going to find positive reviews of Life Ionizers (no surprise there!). But visit a site that doesn’t sell Life Ionizers, and not surprisingly, you’ll find reviews that are less positive. It’s obvious that when they have machines to sell that aren’t a Life Ionizer, that they will compare their machines favorably to ours

life-ionizer-reviews-bestBut what about sites that don’t sell machines? Why would somebody with nothing to sell spend thousands of dollars (that’s really what it costs) to build a website, and then spend thousands of dollars per month to advertise it so that you click on it? That’s what all of those water ionizer review sites that don’t sell ionizers do: They spend a ton of money making a website, and then spend lots of money every month to keep it high on the list of search results.

Every website that wants to be high in search results spends a lot of money on something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As an e-commerce website ourselves, we have an entire department dedicated to just SEO.

So why would a site that sells nothing spend tons on a website and SEO to get your attention?

Because that website that doesn’t sell water ionizers is owned by somebody that does sell water ionizers. They choose not to sell anything on that site to make it appear like they are neutral, so you trust them. But if you investigate, you’ll eventually find out they are owned by someone who wants to make their competition look bad, and themselves look good.

We found a “review’ site that attacks us called Water Ionizer Machine Reviews. That site doesn’t sell any ionizers, but if you scroll down through all the negative Life Ionizer reviews they made up about us, you’ll find a link – to Balwell ionizers. If you look up Balwell ionizers on Water Ionizer Machine Reviews – surprise! surprise! – you’ll find glowing reviews of Balwell. Dig just a little further and you can find out who owns Water Ionizer Machine Reviews – Balwell!

Most Life Ionizer Reviews are Obsolete

Chances are, nearly all review sites that you’ll find that have “reviews” of the Life Ionizers, 7600 model. The problem with that is the Life hasn’t made the 7600 model about 10 years. So If you see a website that reviews the 7600, it’s a fake review site. Think about it, would you trust an automotive review site that “reviewed” 10 year old cars as if they were new?

Another problem is that many of the claims made on fake water ionizer review sites which “review” the 7600 are outright lies, for example, they claim that some ionizers have plates that could melt. That’s bogus because it takes over 2,300 degrees to melt titanium! You can’t melt the plates in any water ionizer, period.

Life Ionizers Reviews you can trust

Review sites that you can trust will have tested Life’s new MXL Series water ionizers. These alkaline water machines are a totally new design. We completely redesigned our ionizers for 2018. They have nothing in common with the Life 7600. The MXL-Series machines take advantage of the latest advancements in water ionizer technology such as our Hydrogen XL technology. These new MXL Series machines perform significantly better than Life’s previous models. Life Ionizers is the ONLY water ionizer company that introduces a new and improved model each year.

Because Life’s Next Generation MXL-Series is so new, very few sites have actually had the opportunity to test them. Life Ionizers is constantly coming out with innovative new technologies which keep its’ competitors scrambling to catch up. Life’s filtration system is case in point, even some of Life’s competitors acknowledge that Life Ionizers leads the water ionizer industry in water filtration technology.

For more information on Life’s new M-Series,  call us today at 877-959-7977.

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