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Life Ionizers MXL7 Water Ionizer Overview

The Life Ionizers MXL7 Water Ionizer Overview: Value and power

Explore the benefits and features of the all-new Next Generation Life Ionizers M7. The Life M7 gives you the highest pH and ORP alkaline water – optimized for daily use – of any 7 plate water ionizer on the market. The MXL7 has been completely redesigned to make it more powerful than other ionizers and easier to use, at a price that beats other companies top-of-the-line models.

What people are saying about Life Water Ionizers

The Next Generation Life Ionizers MXL7 has been completely redesigned from the outside in

Life Ionizers MXL-7: Powerful alkalinity when you need it

life-ionizer-reviews-anthony-andersonWhether your goals are weight loss, detoxification, athletic performance, or just good health, the M7 makes the potent antioxidant alkaline water you need to succeed. The M-7’s MAX Plates have a large surface area that optimizes the water for your health and energy. This means you get stronger alkaline water with a higher antioxidant potential than you can get from any 7 plate models costing (in some cases) thousands more!

Because everyone’s water is different, Life Ionizers also offers fully adjustable amperage in order to adjust your water just right. The Life Ionizers MXL7 can adjust up to 450 watts of power, so you get the strongest pH water – up to 11 pH for powerful acid-neutralizing alkalinity.  You get the highest  ORP values – up to -700 mV ORP for alkaline water – with the highest antioxidant potential, ever.

Alkaline water purity you can count on

Extraordinary alkaline water starts with powerful filtration that eliminates the toxins that poison your body. Life Ionizers has the ultimate filtration system that is customized to address the toxins in your water,

Here’s how we do it:

First your local water quality report is analyzed, so that we are able to discover the toxins that are in your water.   Toxins are then targeted with a custom-configured pre-filter system, protecting you and your family by eliminating such toxins as fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine and trihalomethanes.

Life Ionizers optional technologies can make your water more healthy, more pure, and more powerful.  UV Light guards against bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Heavy duty GRID Plates create 10 – 15% stronger ionized water. Other Life Ionizer exclusive technologies are available as well.

Save over $1,000 vs. Enagic A Life M7 will save you over $1000 compared to the price of an Enagic™ Kangen Water SD-501, and has features that the Kangen Water™ machine can’t match like free custom-configured pre-filtration that is selected based on your local water quality. The Kangen water™ machine comes with just one filter, which can’t protect you against heavy metals or salts found in your water supply.

Counter top or Under Counter – Your choice!

Having trouble choosing between countertop use or under-the-counter use? Relax! Life Ionizers M Series water ionizers are easily converted from countertop use to under counter. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that you can convert between counter top and under-counter. Competing water ionizers make you choose one or the other – then you’re stuck with it.

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