Kangen Water Myth Busted With Solid Platinum Plates

Kangen Water Myth Busted With Solid Platinum Plates & Why?

Some sales representatives for Enagic corporation, the maker of the Kangen machine

Kangen Water Myth Busted With Solid Platinum Plates

If the Kangen machine were fitted with solid platinum plates, it would cost over $10,000

claim that the Kangen machine has solid platinum plates. It’s not true, because it would cost over $10,000 to put solid platinum plates in a Kangen machine because platinum currently costs about $1,500 an ounce.

Enagic’s website actually tells the truth: The plates in a Kangen machine are titanium, coated with platinum. Why don’t Kangen’s sales reps tell the truth too? Another Kangen Water myth has been busted. Read on to learn about other Kangen Water myths that unsuspecting consumers fall for all the time.

Kangen Water myths about ionizer plates

Can an ionizer’s plates melt? This isn’t the first time Kangen sales people got caught making stuff up about water ionizer plates. Back in 2013, Kangen salespeople were claiming that (competitors) plates could melt because they weren’t big enough. The Life Ionizers blog busted that Kangen myth by pointing out that platinum melts at 3,125 degrees, and titanium melts at 3,034 degrees. There is no way a water ionizer could ever generate that much heat.

Is a Kangen machine more expensive because it has more platinum on its plates? No. We busted this myth when Life Ionizers released our MXL-11. The Life MXL-11 has more plate surface area than the Kangen machine does, and both machines’ platinum coating is the same thickness. So there is more platinum in the Life MXL-11 then there is in the Kangen machine, but the Life MXL-11 costs $983 less than the Kangen machine.

Are Kangen plates more durable than other plates? No, in fact, the Kangen machine may be the only water ionizer that can actually destroy its own plates! Kangen machines don’t work well with hard water, they need constant cleaning, and the cleaning process can destroy the plates.

How can a Kangen machine destroy its own plates?

Unlike modern ionizers, the Kangen machine requires the use of a dangerous acidic cleaner that eats platinum. Cleaning a Kangen machine is an eight-step process that you have to do every six weeks during which you have to put a dangerous chemical acid cleaner into the machine. That cleaner can eat the platinum right off the plates!  

This kind of thing never happens with Life ionizers. All Life Ionizers use a sophisticated cleaning technology called Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) to maintain the plates. Run a cleaning cartridge at filter change, (about once every nine months) and your Life Ionizer will be running strong. A Life Ionizer can’t destroy it’s own plates because we don’t need dangerous cleaning chemicals like Kangen does. That’s why Life Ionizers guarantees our plates for life, Kangen warranties them only for 5 years because they know they’ll fail.

“The Bunkhouse”  Kangen Water Myths

Many of the claims about Kangen Water can be found on a website created by a retired chemist named Steven Lower called chem1. The website is dedicated to debunking nonsense claims about water. Kangen water claims are prominently featured on that site, as are a lot of claims from Life Ionizer’s competitors. Life Ionizers isn’t listed on that site because we base all our claims on actual science. Here are some of the claims made about Kangen Water that have been debunked by chem1 and many others:

Active Hydrogen: Kangen claims their water contains “active” hydrogen. A single atom of hydrogen on it’s own is considered to be “active” hydrogen, but there’s a problem: Active hydrogen only exists in nature for a fraction of a second before the active hydrogen atom combines with others to form the familiar molecular form of hydrogen, H2. Kangen even claims it’s “active” hydrogen Kangen Water cures cancer and diabetes.

Hexagon Water: Many Kangen salespeople make the ridiculous claim that their water is composed of “clusters” of six water molecules arranged in a hexagon shape. Nothing could be further from the truth: Water molecules don’t cluster, they move constantly, bouncing off each other and off the walls of any container. The hexagonal Kangen Water myth began when Japanese scientists took a scientific discovery called hydrogen bonding too far. Bonds may form between water molecules, but they also break as soon as they form.

Hydrogen rich: Another Kangen Water myth is that the tiny amount of molecular hydrogen in Kangen Water could have any effect on your health. It can’t because your body can’t absorb hydrogen from the intestines. For your body to absorb hydrogen, you have to inhale it. Any hydrogen in the water you drink just comes back up as a burp because hydrogen rises.

Micro-clustered Water: Another name for hexagonal water is micro clustered water, it means the same thing and it’s just as ridiculous. Water doesn’t cluster in hexagons, or any other shape for that matter.

Structured Water: Or restructured water are just different names for hexagon or structured water. Kangen sales representatives made up a lot of names for their hexagon-structured-micro clustering water myth. Water in liquid form has no structure. If it had structure, it would be ice, since ice crystals do form hexagons and other geometric shapes.

Why can’t Kangen just tell the truth?

There are over 40 studies done on alkaline water that show real, documented effects on health. Those studies cover a wide range of health effects, you can read about them here on the Life Ionizers blog.  Everything we write about the effects of alkaline water on health is based on those studies, and we’re always on the lookout for new research that helps build on the medical evidence for the benefits of alkaline water.

But Kangen insists on pushing all of the above busted myths for a reason: The Kangen machine costs more than other ionizers, a lot more. So Kangen representatives make these far-out claims for their machine and the water it produces to make their machine sound somehow different, and better than other ionizers. It’s not, the Kangen machine costs almost $4,000, you can get an ionizer like the Life Ionizers MXL7 for half that price. The MXL7 is actually the better machine: Our cleaning process is safe, so our ionizers don’t destroy their own plates. Life Ionizers have much better water filtration, the Kangen machine can’t filter out heavy metals or salts. If your water has a problem with either, Life Ionizers will customize your filtration system to address them, for free. With a Life Ionizer, you will have the right filters for your water quality, we guarantee it. You’ll also get higher pH and antioxidant ORP levels with a Life Ionizer, which means you get healthier water. And we’ll do all that for half of what you’d pay for Kangen’s mythical machine. Learn More


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