Kangen Water Scam | 5 Things Enagic® doesn’t want you to know


Enagic hopes you don’t find out about this!

The Kangen Water® scam is a marketing scam. Kangen water is good, healthy ionized alkaline water, but Enagic’s marketers use very aggressive sales tactics to promote it. Enagic manufactures the Kangen water machine, and sells it through Multi-Level Marketing independent sales representatives. Enagic®  does not make health claims for Kangen water. Instead, Enagic® allows its network of independent multi-level-marketers (MLM) to do all the advertising. The advantage to Enagic® is that they can’t be held responsible for the things that their salespeople say.

In conclusion, Enagic®’s MLM salespeople are not regulated by the FDA. Enagic’s aggressive marketers are that company’s dirty little secret. Here are five things Enagic® doesn’t want you to know about Kangen scam marketing tactics

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All the TV “News” reports that praise Kangen Water® are fake

If you search Kangen Water® on YouTube, you will find many pages of videos that claim to be from recognized television media sources like CNN. These videos are made by Kangen Water® MLM sales reps, not the actual TV news stations they portray. All of the claims you see in these fake kangen “news” reports are fraudulent. No TV news report has ever praised Kangen Water®. CNN in particular, has only reported on Kangen Water® once, and they called it a scam.

Fact: There has never been a positive TV news report about Kangen Water®

You can’t drink “strong” Kangen Water®

life-ionizer-reviews-kangen-scamAds for the Kangen Water® machine claim it can make alkaline water with a pH of over 11. But what they aren’t telling you is that you need to use additive chemicals to make Kangen Water® that strong, AND you can’t drink that water! Strong Kangen water is made using a salt solution, when ionized, that solution generates chlorine. You should be very careful when handling Strong Kangen water, it’s vapors are harmful.

Fact: Strong Kangen Water® is for cleaning and sanitation only, it’s not safe to drink!

Enagic® has one of the shortest warranties in the industry

The Kangen machine is the most expensive water ionizer on the market. You would expect that for the price you would get a great warranty. But the opposite is the case; Enagic® only warranties their machine for 5 years. Enagic®’s warranty period is one of the shortest warranties in the industry.

Fact: You can get a Life Ionizer for about half of what you pay for Enagic®, and it comes with a lifetime warranty

The Kangen machine’s filter doesn’t filter heavy metals or salt

The Kangen Water® machine has only one filter, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Enagic®’s single filter can’t remove heavy metals (like lead) or salt. If you live in an older home, or along a coastline, you should avoid the Kangen Water® machine for this reason alone!

Older homes are more likely to have metal pipes with lead soldering. Because of this, older homes are more likely to have heavy metals in their water. Furthermore, along the coast, salt water may seep into water supplies. As a result, you need proper pre-filtration to purify your water safely.

Fact: Water ionizers work better with a pre-filter. That’s why every Life Ionizer comes with a free pre-filter

Kangen Water® doesn’t cure diseases

Ads for Kangen Water® make some pretty bold disease cure claims. But public health authorities have never evaluated any of those claims. Furthermore, health claims that suggest that Kangen Water® can cure disease violate the law, but the FDA can’t stop them. Consequently, there are hundreds of individual Kangen MLM salespeople, and the FDA doesn’t have the resources to investigate all their claims, and shut them down.

Fact: Claims that Kangen Water® cures disease has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Why Enagic® MLM salespeople have to lie about Kangen Water®

The Kangen machine is the most expensive ionizer on the market today. Enagic®’s MLM sales force has to overhype Kangen Water® because of its price. Most noteworthy, is that the reason the Kangen Water® machine is so expensive is that there are eight people waiting to get paid every time one sells. Multi-level marketing makes things more expensive. You can save a lot of money by buying your water ionizer direct from the manufacturer.

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