Is Kangen Water a Pyramid Scheme?


A pyramid of people are waiting to get paid every time a Kangen Machine is sold

Kangen Water is sold through multi-level marketing, which looks very similar to a pyramid scheme. Kangen water® is the brand name for alkaline water owned by Enagic Corporation.  The multi-level marketing system used by Enagic® to sell its water ionizer has been called a scam because it doubles  the price of the kangen water® machine.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says  there are   similarities between MLM sales and pyramid schemes

The Kangen Water Pyramid MLM Scam

Kangen water is sold through a network of  multi-level marketers (MLM). A marketing pyramid of MLM sales people get paid off every time a machine is sold. Their exorbitant compensation is the reason the kangen water® costs twice as much as competing water ionizers. Then they add insult to injury by trying to get you to become a sales rep!

Kangen® representatives will tell you that you can sell the kangen water machine  to family and friends. But do you really want to do that? How would pressuring your loved ones to buy a $4,000 machine make you feel? I know I wouldn’t like it if a family member or friend pressured me to buy an overpriced machine.

How the Kangen MLM Pyramid Scheme Works

Every time a kangen machine is sold, eight sales people – the Kangen Water pyramid –  get paid a commission. Their sales commission doubles the cost of the kangen machine. Replacement filters for the kangen® machines are expensive too, because they are also sold through the MLM  scheme. The same eight people get paid every time you buy a replacement filter for your machine. It’s an outrageous scam!

If you buy a kangen® machine, the sales rep will try to get you to sell the machines yourself. They’ll tell you can earn the price of your kangen machine back if you sell three machines. But the problem is, people rarely succeed at MLM sales. Less than 1% of people who get in to selling through multi-level marketing ever make any money at it.

What is most likely to happen to you if you try to sell the kangen® machine is that you will invest a lot of time and money into it, and end up with nothing to show for it.

How to save big when buying a water ionizer

The best way to buy a water ionizer is direct from the manufacturer. Buying a water ionizer directly from the maker cuts out the middleman, this saves you a lot of money. When you buy  direct, you get your machine from the people who made it. The benefit of this is that the people that made your machine is going to be the most knowledgeable about it.

Multi-level marketing makes everything more expensive, it has earned its reputation of being a pyramid scheme. For this reason, you should avoid the kangen water pyramid, it’s too expensive,  there are too many people getting paid off.

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  • Gordon says:

    What are the advantages doing MLM?You only have the disadvantages.

  • Keith says:

    Just wondering why this company is growing so fast? 30,000 + members or should i say those people are making good money building their own business. I have seen some friends and family do very well with this company. Sure there are people that do not make money but that is like any business. As far as i can see this is a legal business opportunity for anyone that wants to have their own on line digital business to work at and grow for their future. Not working for someone but working for yourself sounds pretty good to me. But what do you expect from the competition.

    • bobby says:

      Friend, in technical terms, yes it is a legitimate business but it uses a model similar to a pyramid scheme with a loophole. While it isn’t as bad as a full on pyramid scheme, its still morally wrong. You are essentially selling an extremely overpriced product using empty promises that has no validated scientific support. And since the products are hard to sell(high price and often 1 per customer in their lifetime), you will eventually need to rely on recruiting other members to make profit, no matter how well you start off. These are more likely to consist of friends and family. When you’ve recruited a lot of people and don’t need to sell directly anymore, congrats! You’ve just multiplied your problem but handed it off to other people to deal with instead of you!

  • Ha, I enjoyed this article. Well written and pretty much summed up my feeling on it. Cheers

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