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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Kangen Water Myth BUSTED | Plate Size

Does the Kangen Water™ machine have the largest plate surface area? NO

Enagic representatives that sell the Kangen Water machine justify the high price of their ionizer by claiming that the plates in their machine are much larger than all other brands, and that the cost of their system is higher because of all the platinum used to coat those plates. But the fact is, the Life Ionizer M9 water ionizer has more total plate surface area than Enagic. The myth that the price of the Kangen Machine is justified by the amount of platinum used in its plates is busted!

Plate surface area: Life Ionizers Compared to Enagic

kangen water myth infographic

Does the Kangen Water machine have more platinum on it’s plates? NO

The Life Ionizers M-9 has 9 plates with the largest surface area available in any home water ionizer. The Enagic Kangen™ SD 501 water machine is their top of the line water ionizer, and now it has met its rival.

Power: Plate surface area is only half the story

The Life M-9 Next Generation can reach a full pH point higher than the Enagic Kangen™ machine (11.5 pH vs. 10.5 pH). Since the pH scale is logarithmic, this means the Life M-9 can make alkaline water that is 10 times stronger than the Kangen water machine.

The reason the M-9 beats the Kangen machine is power. The M-9 can put up to 504 watts of power to its plates. Kangen machine has a lot less power than the M-9, the M-9 uses much less power! The reason is that the Kangen water machine uses a transformer power supply, which wastes a lot of energy in the form of heat. The Life M-9 uses an all-new Max Power™ SMPS Power System in combination with the MAX Plates™.

Cost: The M-9 is a lot less than the Kangen water machine

Based on the logic used by Enagic™ (the cost of the machine is mostly the platinum used in it) you would expect the M-9 and the SD-501 to cost about the same – and you’d be wrong. The Life M-9 costs $2,597, the Kangen water™ machine costs $3,980. This makes the M-9 $1,383 cheaper than the kangen™ machine. Both machines use about the same amount of platinum, so:

Kangen Water Myth – Busted!

Enagic’s™ claim that the high price of the kangen water™ machine is justified by the amount of platinum used in it is BUSTED!

The real reason the Kangen water™ machine is so expensive? It is sold through Multi-Level Marketing – which makes everything more expensive.

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