Kangen Water Myth BUSTED Alkaline water vs Soda

Enagic® Kangen®, and some other alkaline water machine companies claim that “It takes 23 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize a can of soda”. We put this claim to the test…  and this Kangen Water® Myth is BUSTED! Our Life Ionizers M-7 (our mid range ionizer!) neutralized a can of Coca Cola in 18 glasses. That’s 5 glasses, (40 ounces!) less than it takes with Kangen Water®. Best yet, the M-7 is about half the price of Enagic!®

The Experiment – Alkaline Water vs. Soda

Life Ionizers compared to Enagic: Kangen water myth BUSTED

27% more acid neutralizing ability – half the price

We tested this Kangen Water® myth by using a 12 ounce can of Coca Cola, which when tested had a pH of 2.8 (acid). Since Enagic® never revealed what the exact size of the “glass of alkaline water” that they used was, we assumed it was the standard size of 8 ounces. For this test, we used a Combo pH and EC testing meter by Hanna Instruments (model HI 98130). Our Life M-7 gave us alkaline water with a pH of 10.8 using City of Carlsbad tap water, which had a pH of 7.35 (almost neutral).

We added one 8 ounce glass of alkaline water at a time, and tested the water’s pH each time a glass of alkaline water was added to the soda. We recorded the pH of the mixture each time, adding alkaline water until we reached a pH of 7 (neutral).

Experiment Results

It took 18 glasses of alkaline water from the Life M-7 to neutralize the soda. Compared to Enagic®’s 23 glasses of alkaline water, it took 40 ounces less alkaline water (5 glasses less  x 8 oz) from the Life M-7 than it would from the Enagic® Leveluk® SD-501 to neutralize a can of soda.

Alkaline Water by Life Ionizers, PROVEN stronger than Kangen Water®

The Life M-7 is our mid-range ionizer, and it’s more powerful than Enagic’s® best. This test proves that the M-7 is more powerful than the Enagic® Leveluk® SD-501. The Life M-7 is also a bargain compared to Enagic®, it retails for $1997,. a lot less than you’d pay for for the Enagic® Leveluk®, which retails for $3980. With the Life M-7 you save $1983

Advantages of the Life M-7 over the Enagic® SD-501 Leveluk®

    • You save $1983

    • M-7 has three filters, Enagic® only has one

    • Alkaline water by Life is stronger than Kangen Water®

  • Life Ionizers warranty is longer than Enagic®’s

Bottom Line: The Kangen Water® Myth that it takes 23 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize a can of soda? BUSTED!

Want to have the alkaline water that’s PROVEN stronger than Kangen Water®? Give us a call today at 877-959-7977. Start taking charge of your health today!

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