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Kangen Water Compared to Life Ionized Alkaline Water

How does Kangen water compare to alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer?  Kangen water® is actually weaker than ionized alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer because the Kangen water® machine isn’t anywhere near as powerful as a Life Ionizer. Kangen water® is a brand name for alkaline water that was made up by Enagic® Corporation. It is often marketed with claims that it is somehow different or better than ionized alkaline water made by other water ionizers. But the fact is there is no difference between Kangen Water and alkaline water.

Got Heavy Metals in your Water?

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You deserve better – compare Kangen to Life Ionizers and save

There is a problem with the Kangen Machine’s filtration. The Kangen machine doesn’t filter heavy metals. Life Ionizers come with custom configured pre-filters and multiple internal filters that do filter heavy metals. Plus many other contaminants that Kangen water ionizers don’t. Alkaline water by Life Ionizers is better than Kangen water – more powerful, more pure, more like natural spring water.

Kangen Water vs. Life: Water filtration

The Kangen water® machine has serious shortcomings with its filtration system. The Kangen machine has only one filter that can’t reduce metals or salt in water. The Kangen machine also adds sulfate to your water. For people with sulfate sensitivity, ingesting sulfates could lead to a dangerous drop in lung function! Another problem with Kangen filtration is that it can’t handle hard water. Using a Kangen machine with hard water will void your warranty (source: Enagic Kangen website).

Are you sensitive to Kangen Water?     Symptoms of Kangen Water Nausea

Life water ionizers use dual filters and a custom-configured prefilter system. One filter just isn’t enough to ensure your water is clean. Life does not use or recommend sulfate filters due to the fact that 1 out of 100 people is sensitive to sulfates.  Life Ionizers takes extra steps for your safety. We review your local EPA water quality report to find out what toxins are in your water. Using the results from your water report, we customize your unit for your specific water.quality. Whatever’s in your water, Life will make sure you have the right filters for it. Life Alkaline Water Ionizers have the best filtration system of all water ionizers on the market today. Who says so? ETR Independent Labs compared filtration on Life Ionizers, Enagic Kangen, Jupiter, and Tyent Life Ionizers beat every single one of them, for every contaminant tested!

Power: Why Life Ionizers make better alkaline water

The process used to make alkaline water- electrodialysis – uses charged plates and an ion-permeable membrane to separate the mineral carbonates in hard water into alkaline and acid halves. What actually splits the mineral carbonates is an electromagnetic force. Alkaline minerals have a positive charge, and the carbonate – dissolved CO2 – has a negative charge. The more electromagnetic force a water ionizer can generate, the better it will be at converting plain water into ionized alkaline water.

The Kangen water® machine has large plates, but only generates 235 watts to power them with, so it can’t develop that much electromagnetic force. As a result, Kangen water® machine owners sometimes have to add chemicals to help their machine make alkaline water. The sulfate from the Kangen machine’s filter and the calcium glycerophosphate additive turns Kangen water into artificial alkaline water.

Top-of-the-line Life Ionizers use high-powered SMPS power supplies that are adjustable to 800 watts! That’s over three times as much power as the Kangen machine has! Life’s top of the line also has more plate surface area than the Kangen machine. The process is enhanced even further with the use of Life’s new Power Plexus plates, which make it easier for a Life Ionizer to transfer electromagnetic power into the water. Life’s Plexus Power Plates typically improve ionizer pH and –ORP performance by 10 – 15%. All this technology and power means that a Life Ionizer makes naturally alkaline water, purified of contaminants, the way nature intended.

Life GRID Plates vs. Kangen Flat Plates

The Kangen machine comes with flat plates, there is no way to upgrade them. The Kangen machine’s plates are large, but the machine doesn’t have enough power to take advantage of its plates. Because of this, you may need to buy a chemical additive from Enagic called calcium glycerophosphate. There have been side effects reported from drinking Kangen Water made with calcium glycerophosphate. If you have a history of kidney stones or low stomach acid, you should talk to your doctor before drinking Kangen water made with calcium glycerophosphate. Because Kangen has so many problems with their plates, they only warranty them for 5 years. If you want a longer warranty on the plates, you have to pay $400 extra.

Life Ionizers have plenty of power, so you don’t need chemicals. Plus, you can run a Life Ionizer with hard water. If you need a hard water filter, it comes with your new Life Ionizer – free. And you can rest assured that your ionizers plates will last, Life Ionizer plates are guaranteed for life. Life can guarantee GRID Plates for life because they are made better than Kangen plates. Life’s GRID Plates get 8 coats of platinum, Kangen puts only two coats of platinum on their plates. The bottom line is: Life Ionizer plates are tougher – a lot tougher!

Life ionized alkaline water is naturally better

Life Ionizers use modern technology like SMPS power supplies, and that allows Life Ionizers to make alkaline water that is similar to the water from protected mountain springs. Natural alkaline water from deep, protected wells is rich in mineral hydroxides and free of contaminants and added chemicals. Life Ionizers restores water to that natural state by filtering the contaminants out and then converting mineral carbonates in tap water into the alkaline mineral hydroxides found in deep wellspring water. You can taste the difference! Alkaline ionized water by Life Ionizers is slightly sweeter and more refreshing than the water you’re drinking now.


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