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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Is the Kangen water® Filter a Hoax?

Kangen water scam infographic

Protect yourself, compare Life to kangen® and save

The way the kangen water® filter is sold is a hoax. The filter is sold through a pyramid MLM scheme; it is very expensive and not as effective as other water filters. The Kangen water® machine (also sold through MLM) uses a single  filter which must be replaced frequently unless you pay extra for a pre-filter. The kangen water® filter scam is the cost of using a kangen water® machine, it adds up very quickly!

The Kangen water® filter compared to Life water filters

With the Kangen® machine, you get a single filter that costs $110. With Life Ionizers® machine, you get three filters that together cost less than the single kangen filter®! Three filters are definitely better than one when it comes to water purity. Laboratory testing proves that Life water filters purify your water better than the kangen  filter®.

Cost of Kangen water® filter compared to Life water filters

Number of filtersPriceFilter life Life water filters
2 filters, 1 pre-filter
$49.95 internal filter, $39.95 pre-filter
6 months (pre-filter and 1rst filter) – 9 months (2nd filter)
Kangen water® filterOnly one filter
$129.95Lasts 3 months
Cost for one year of replacement filters $266.24  $519.80


The above chart shows just how expensive the kangen water® filter is, it costs almost twice as much as Life water filters do for one year’s worth of replacements.

Kangen water® filter not effective against heavy metals

The Kangen water® filter will allow heavy metals and salt to pass through it. Enagic®, the company that makes the kangen water® filter states in the kangen water® filter specifications: “Elements not removable – Metallic ions and/or salinity present in original tap water.” The biggest kangen water® filter hoax is that the kangen® filter doesn’t protect you against metal ions (such as heavy metals) and salt in your water.

Life water filters are laboratory tested and proven to be effective against metallic ions and salinity. Alkaline water from a Life Ionizer® meets the highest standards of purification in a home water ionizer filter.

Compare Kangen® to Life

When you consider the fact that the kangen water® filter is overpriced and not effective against some dangerous toxins, it is easy to see why many people think the kangen water® filter is a scam. Multi-filter Life Ionizers® offer superior filtration and are a bargain compared to the kangen water® filter. If you are serious about alkaline water, put your health before the hype and avoid the kangen water® filter.

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