Kangen water® machines make artificially alkaline water using a chemical additive called calcium glycerophosphate, a type of calcium supplement. Calcium glycerophosphate can cause a decrease in normal levels of stomach acid. Because of this, health experts recommend that you only consume calcium glycerophosphate if you are eating acidic food. If you drink too much calcium glycerophosphate-enhanced kangen water®, you may experience some side effects. These side effects can range from moderate (gas) to severe (kidney stones).

Kangen calcium glycophosphate additive

Kangen calcium glycophosphate additive

Side Effects of Calcium Glycerophosphate

Calcium glycerophosphate is a supplement that when taken as directed is generally safe. However, Enagic® does not appear to provide much guidance to its customers about it. The side effects reported below are from WebMD. Side effects that can happen if there is too much calcium glycerophosphate in kangen water® are:


  • side effects of calcium glycophosphate in kangen water infographic

    This is what Enagic doesn’t tell you about kangen water


If you experience any of the  side effects of calcium glycerophosphate while drinking kangen water®, stop drinking it and tell your doctor. The most common side effects that we’ve heard reported from drinking kangen water® are nausea and constipation. This means that there may be kangen water® machine owners out there that are overdosing on calcium glycerophosphate!

Health Conditions – Talk to your doctor before drinking kangen water®

Talk to your doctor before drinking kangen water® if you have a history of kidney stones or low stomach acid. Tell your doctor that the machine uses the calcium glycerophosphate additive. Your doctor may advise you not to use it.   Your doctor can advise you on how much (if any) kangen water® you should drink.

LIFE Ionizers make naturally alkaline water

LIFE alkaline water ionizers do not use chemicals, so they make naturally alkaline water. The reason Enagic® needs to add chemicals to their alkaline water is that the kangen water® machine isn’t designed correctly to make naturally alkaline water unless the water being used has sufficient hardness.

Kangen water® sales representatives are unaware of the risks that the chemical additives that their machine uses create because they don’t understand chemistry. For this reason, you may want to avoid the kangen water® machine. If Enagic® Kangen doesn’t understand the risks of the chemicals they’re selling you, how can you trust them?

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