Is Water a Mineral?

It depends. According to the Mineralogical Society of America: “A mineral substance is defined as a


Water is a mineral, except when it isn’t

naturally occurring, homogeneous solid, inorganically formed, with a well-defined chemical composition (or range of compositions), and an ordered atomic arrangement, that has been formed by geological processes, either on earth or in extraterrestrial bodies.” A mineral is a solid substance, so water in liquid form isn’t a mineral. Water in solid form is a mineral if it is naturally occurring. This means that the ice that forms during the winter is a mineral, but the ice that forms in your ice tray isn’t a mineral.

Did you know? Water is the best source of mineral nutrition for your body. The World Health Organization recommends you get 10% – 20% of your daily needs for minerals from the water you drink.

Minerals in water

Water, even when it’s not a mineral can contain minerals. The most common minerals found in water are sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals are found in the water along with carbonate, and bicarbonate, which are both forms of CO2 that are dissolved in water. CO2 makes water more acidic, which in turn increases its ability to dissolve minerals from rock. Calcium and magnesium in water, along with bicarbonate, make water hard.

Drinking water that lacks minerals is associated with a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Want to find out if your water has a healthy supply of minerals? Call us at 877-959-7977

What is mineral water?

Mineral water is water that has mineral salts dissolved in it. Some examples of mineral salts are:

    • Sodium chloride – Common table salt
    • Calcium bicarbonate – common mineral salt found in tap water
  • Himalayan salt – Sodium chloride and other trace minerals

Salt is always composed of two elements. In the case of Himalayan salt, it’s composed of sodium and chloride – just like table salt – but in a mixture of other trace elements. A trace element is one that appears in only tiny quantities. For example, there is a tiny quantity of zinc in Himalayan salt and about 70 other trace elements.

Mineral water is generally considered to be water that has come from a spring, which has some mineral salts dissolved in it. People believe, with good reason, that mineral water is good for you, so they spend lots of money on bottled mineral water. But what few people know is that their tap water may also contain many of those same minerals! If your tap water has the right mineral mix, filtering and drinking it would give you the same benefits as bottled mineral water. Unfortunately, there is a problem with most North American tap water that can make the minerals in it hard to absorb: Most tap water in North America gets its minerals from dolomite, and minerals from dolomite can be hard for the body to absorb.

Did you know? Alkaline water is mineral water, that is made better by ionization. Some of the health benefits suggested in studies include:

    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Weight loss
    • Better bone health
    • Detoxification from heavy metals
  • Anti-aging

There are over 40 studies that document these and other health benefits. If you want to find out if alkaline water has been shown in studies to help with a health condition you have, call us at 877-959-7977

Water Ionizers fix tap water to make it easier to absorb

A water ionizer converts the calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate found in tap water into calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. Both of these hydroxide minerals are easy for the body to absorb, and they give alkaline water it’s alkalinity. The alkalinity of alkaline water is credited with giving alkaline water many of its health benefits.

Another thing a water ionizer does for your tap water makes it delicious. Alkaline water is slightly sweeter and more refreshing than plain tap water. In fact, many water ionizer owners credit the taste of their water as the reason that they started replacing sodas and other unhealthy beverages with alkaline water!

So water can be a mineral, but in liquid form, it’s not. The mineral content in water can be good for you, if it’s the right mix. Best of all, a water ionizer can turn your ordinary tap water into an amazing tasting mineral water with many health benefits!

Want to know if your tap water is good for your health? Give us a call at 877-959-7977 and we’ll tell you right over the phone.


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