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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Is ionized water good for hair growth?

I hear it all the time: “Your hair is growing so fast! What are you doing to make it grow so fast?” My answer is always the same: “I’m not cutting it.” It makes sense, if you want your hair to get longer, simply don’t cut it. But many people who are trying to grow their hair get their hair trimmed regularly because of split ends and breakage. So they trim, and they get frustrated, because their hair seems to be growing so slowly. But I don’t get split ends, so I don’t need to trim all the time. If you want your hair to grow faster, an ionized acidic water rinse is the miracle you’ve been looking for. Ionized acidic water as a hair rinse works by preventing damage to the hair follicle.

ionized water hair rinse infographic

Does your hair need a miracle? An ionized acidic water rinse is the miracle you’ve been waiting for

But doesn’t trimming your hair make it grow faster?

No, that’s a myth. Your hair grows at a rate of about a half inch per month. The reason regular trimming seems to work for some people is that they suffer from split ends, breakage, and other symptoms of weakened hair. As the ends break off, the hair gets shorter. By trimming off the worst of it, you temporarily stop the breakage, which stops the hair follicles from getting shorter. But that’s only temporary because the newly trimmed ends will eventually get damaged enough to break and split. If you want to grow your hair, you must stop the breakage and splitting. By reducing damage to your hair, you reduce the need to trim it.

The reason your hair care efforts are doomed to fail

You’ve probably seen tons of commercials hawking hair care products that are ph balanced for hair care. So what is your hair’s pH balance? It’s acidic, in a pH range of 4 – 5. Hair care products that are pH balanced will have a pH in that range. But there is something important that those commercials aren’t telling you, and it’s sabotaging your hair care efforts: The water you’re washing and rinsing your hair with is not pH balanced for your hair. Your tap water is likely at a neutral pH of 7, or it’s alkaline. Alkalizing your hair is the worst thing you can do to it, it weakens the follicle, setting you up for split ends and breakage.

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An ionized acidic water rinse is pH balanced for your hair. In addition, ionized acidic water has a positive Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and your hair and scalp love it. By simply rinsing your hair with ionized acidic water after washing, you are pH balancing it. An acidic rinse does two beneficial things for your hair – it closes and compacts the hair follicles.

Anatomy of a hair follicle

To understand why ionized acidic water prevents damage to hair follicles, you need to understand how a hair follicle is constructed. Hair is made of a protein called keratin, at the base of each hair is a bulb containing living cells that generate the hair follicle. The bulb at the base of the hair is the only living part of the hair. The rest of the hair follicle doesn’t contain any living cells.

A hair follicle has three layers:

  • Medulla – innermost layer, only present in thick hairs
  • Cortex – Surrounds the medulla (if present) provides strength, color, and texture of hair
  • Cuticle – Outermost layer, it protects the hair cortex from damage

How ionized acidic water prevents damage to hair

Ionized acidic water prevents damage to your hair by closing and compacting the hair cuticles (the outermost layer). The hair’s cuticle is actually a series of shingles that cover the hair cortex. When your hair is pH balanced, those cuticle shingles are closed, so they protect the hair cortex from damage. If your hair is too alkaline, the hair cuticles open, and that exposes the cortex. When the cortex of a hair is exposed to something alkaline, it gets damaged. An ionized acidic water hair rinse closes the hairs cuticles, and that prevents the cortex from getting damaged. As long as the cortex is protected, the hair follicle remains healthy and strong.

How to use ionized acidic water as a hair rinse

You make ionized acidic water with a home water ionizer. Use the strongest acidic water the machine can make. Test the water for pH, you want to get as close to a pH of 4 as possible. If your water ionizer can’t get that low, you can bring the pH of the water down by adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Fill a 16 ounce bottle with ionized acidic water.

Tip: I recommend taking your bottle of ionized acidic water with you in the shower, put it down by the drain so the warm water of your shower warms the acidic water, otherwise, you’ll find that the rinse is very cold!

Wash your hair as you normally do, rinse your shampoo out completely. Then rinse your hair using about half of your bottle of acidic water. Let that sit for about a minute.

Condition your hair, then rinse out your conditioner completely. Once your conditioner is rinsed out, pour the remaining half of your acidic water onto your hair. Do not rise out.

You will see improvement immediately

Once you’ve rinsed, your hair will be pH balanced to a pH of about 4. The cuticles will be closed and compacted. You will notice the difference in your hair immediately, it will feel softer and more manageable. Once your hair dries, you will notice that you have a lot less tangles, and your hair will have a natural shine to it. Pretty soon, your friends will be wondering what your hair growth secret is too!

Bonus: Your skin also has an acidic pH, an ionized acidic water rinse is great for healthy looking skin!

Ionized water is good for your health, inside and out! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for more information on how ionized water benefits your health and your hair

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