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How Mya stays Young: Diet, Exercise and Alkaline Water

Want to Learn How Mya stays Young: Diet, Exercise, and Alkaline Water?

36 year old singer songwriter Mya has a crazy schedule. For nearly half her life, she’s been singing, dancing,

How Mya stays Young: Diet, Exercise and Alkaline Water

Mya drinks the best: Alkaline water by Life Ionizers

and touring worldwide. She looks like none of that has aged her a bit and never seems to run out of energy. So how does she do it? She follows a workout routine that can make you break out in a sweat just watching it, she eats 5 – 6 meals a day, and drinks lots of water – alkaline water – from her Life alkaline water ionizer.

How Mya does it: Staying Slender

“It’s diet because I can’t always work out every day” Is how Mya describes how she maintains her physique. And Mya’s diet just might surprise you. Forget about three square meals a day, Mya eats five, or maybe even six meals a day as her dietician urges. As you might imagine, those meals are small but packed with goodness. Mya practices strict portion control, a type of diet that allows a wide range of foods, but in small portions. Here is a sample of what Mya eats in a day:

  • First meal – Egg whites with a piece of fruit
  • Second – Protein shake
  • Third – Lean fish, green vegetables, and water
  • Fourth – Protein shake
  • Fifth – Lean fish, green vegetables, and water

“Water is very important all day long”

Mya is very concerned about poisons in water. Tap water and bottled water are big no-no’s according to Mya because they’re both poisoned with chemicals. Instead, she relies on her Life Ionizer to remove toxins from her water supply and to raise the pH of her water to alkaline levels. Mya is also very clear on what not to drink: “No sodas. Carbonation is really bad for you, especially if you’re a singer. No alcohol, no smoking, trying to stay away from secondhand smoke.”


Mya, in her own words, talking about her Life Ionizer

Mya’s No Excuses workout routine

If you think going on tour and being away from the gym keeps Mya away from a daily workout routine, think again. According to Mya:

“You don’t necessarily have to get to a gym, I stopped making excuses for myself, but I do work out in my hotel rooms. That just consists of crunches, push-ups or dips off the side of a tub, chair or bed. It keeps me pretty toned and in shape. That’s pretty much it, just watching what I eat, when I eat.”

When you stop to consider that Mya keeps a ‘crazy busy’ schedule, that makes most people’s daily routines look positively slothful, you really don’t have any excuse for not eating right and taking care of yourself.

It’s never too late to chose better health

Doctors say it’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself. Eating right, drinking healthy water, and exercising will improve your health and enjoyment of life at any age.  When you consider the fact that Mya’s diet and exercise routines haven’t let age slow her down one bit, what reason could you have to not get motivated to start living a healthier life today?  Learn More


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