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How Life Ionizers makes the Ultimate Antioxidant Alkaline Water

How Life Ionizers makes the Ultimate Antioxidant Alkaline Hydrogen Water

life-ionizer-reviews-restless-legIf you’re reading this, you’ve decided to put the power of antioxidant alkaline hydrogen water to work for you. Life Ionizers guarantees you’ll get the highest antioxidant benefit and the most molecular hydrogen levels in every glass of alkaline hydrogen water you drink. How does Life Ionizers makes the Ultimate Antioxidant Alkaline hydrogen Water?

Life Ionizers have more power, better plates, and cutting edge anti-scale technology that enables us to out-perform all other brands of water ionizer machine.

Water ionizers are an investment, one that pays dividends over the long term as you hydrate and rejuvenate your body every day with the only water that has acid-fighting alkalinity, molecular hydrogen, and antioxidant ionized alkaline water. It makes sense if you’re going to invest in your health, to invest in the machine that gives you the highest antioxidant benefit, and most molecular hydrogen. That machine is Life Ionizers.

How Life Ionizers makes the Ultimate Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Life Ionizers puts more antioxidant power into alkaline water than any other ionizer

Power: How alkaline water gets it’s antioxidant potential and molecular hydrogen

The antioxidant benefit of alkaline water is measured in millivolts, the level of antioxidant benefit is called the water’s  Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Water has to have a negative electrical charge to have antioxidant potential, if it has a positive charge, it’s an oxidant. How can water carry an electrical charge? The same way a battery can. The antioxidant charge in ionized alkaline water is carried by the alkaline minerals in the water – just like an alkaline battery! The higher the negative charge a water ionizer can put on the minerals in water, the higher the antioxidant ORP benefit will be.

Molecular hydrogen is made by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. It takes a lot of power to split water molecules. Life Ionizers have more power than any other brand of water ionizer. Because of that, we guarantee you’ll get more molecular hydrogen from Life Ionizers than any other brand of ionizer.

When a water ionizer ionizes water, the water is actually split into two halves: Ionized alkaline water, and ionized acidic water. The ionized alkaline water has a negative charge, the ionized acidic water has a positive charge. Inside the ionizer, the alkaline and acidic waters are separated by a special membrane called an ion-permeable membrane. It’s made by Dupont out of a material called Nafion. The membrane allows the positively charged and negatively charged ions to pass through it, so they become separated. Life Ionizers uses a huge amount of power to achieve the highest possible antioxidant charge and most molecular hydrogen.

The higher the power, the higher the antioxidant charge, the more molecular hydrogen

Life Ionizers has more power than competing water ionizers – a lot more. In fact, the Life Ionizer MXL-15 can adjust up to 800 Watts of power! All that power enables a Life Ionizer MXL-15 to put a massive electrical charge on it’s 15 platinum coated plates. That immense charge is then transferred into your water as antioxidant potential and molecular hydrogen!

Compare Life Ionizers to Kangen

Thanks to all that power, a Life Ionizers M13 can charge your water with over -900 millivolts of antioxidant power! That’s 50% higher antioxidant power and 90 times as much molecular hydrogen than you can get from the Kangen Machine. A Life M13 can also make alkaline water 100 times more alkaline than the Kangen Machine – a pH of 12 versus a pH of 10 for the Kangen machine. How come a Life Ionizer is so much more powerful than the Kangen machine? Because the Life M13 can crank out up to 800 watts, versus the Kangen machine’s paltry 230 watts.

Why Doctors choose Life Ionizers

Doctors like Dr. Don Colbert who use alkaline water in their practice obviously want ionized alkaline water with the highest antioxidant potential and most molecular hydrogen. But for clinical-grade alkaline hydrogen water, antioxidant power isn’t enough. For clinical purposes, the water must also by highly purified. Life Ionizers achieves higher levels of water purity than any other water ionizer out there because Life Ionizers does something for you that no other water ionizer company does: We find out what toxins are in your local water supply, and give you a free custom-configured pre-filter system to protect you from them.

Competing water ionizer companies like Enagic, Jupiter, and others don’t give you a custom-configured pre-filter system. They give you a one-size-fits-all filter system, and then you have to hope it works. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that comes with custom-configured pre-filter systems. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that cares enough about your health to find out what toxins are in your water and make sure you have the right filters for them. Doctors who know that choose Life because they want the best for their patients, and their families.

Put the healing power of antioxidant alkaline water to work for you. Call us today at 877-959-7977 your health is worth it.

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