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Elle MacPherson’s Alkaline Diet Secrets

How to stay fabulous at 50 and beyond. Elle MacPherson at 52 years of age looks incredible. She is the poster child


With an alkaline diet and alkaline water, 50 can be the new 30 for you too

for “50 is the new 30”. What’s her secret? A healthy alkaline diet, 45 minutes of exercise every day, and alkaline water – lots of it. Elle drinks about 3 liters of alkaline water every day, and that keeps her well hydrated, right down to the cellular level. Elle makes sure her body stays in the healthy zone by testing her urine pH. That may sound crazy but it’s not. Your urine pH can tell you a lot about your body’s health.

Ellie’s Healthy, Alkaline Diet

Elle’s alkaline diet consists of lots of vegetables like beets, broccoli, kale and artichokes. She stays away from processed foods, bread, and dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Her diet is intended to balance “all of our eleven body systems” and ensure they are “nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state.” So what are the eleven body systems that Ellie is referring to?:

  1. Cardiovascular and circulatory – Heart, arteries, veins, etc.
  2. Digestive and excretory – Stomach, intestines, colon
  3. Endocrine – Hormones
  4. Integumentary and Exocrine – Skin, hair, nails and all glands in the skin
  5. Immune and Lymphatic – Lymphatic system circulates lymph, and is part of the immune system
  6. Muscular – Muscles
  7. Skeletal – Bones
  8. Nervous – Brain and nerves
  9. Renal Urinary – Kidneys, bladder, etc
  10. Reproductive – Reproductive organs
  11. Respiratory – Lungs

Each of these systems benefits from alkaline water and an alkaline diet because excess acidity affects all of these systems, and a healthy pH balance helps these systems.

life-ionizer-reviews-grace-potterCardiovascular and circulatory – An alkaline diet and alkaline water help lower bad cholesterol, and elevate good cholesterol levels. This helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, and lower blood pressure that is too high. Alkaline water also hydrates the body better, which helps lower blood pressure

Digestive and excretory – An alkaline diet reduces the acid load that your gut must deal with and supplies the healthy nutrients you need. Alkaline water supports healthy probiotics in the gut, and helps make the colon a slippery place. Both of these things have profound benefits for all the other systems in your body.

Endocrine – Your body’s endocrine system is pH sensitive. Both alkaline foods and alkaline water help you maintain a healthy pH balance, which helps to keep your hormones properly balanced

Integumentary and Exocrine – Your skin is your body’s largest organ. To stay healthy it needs nutrition and hydration. An alkaline diet supplies the necessary nutrition to keep your skin healthy. Three liters of alkaline water per day supplies the necessary hydration, and just might make you look 10 years younger.

Immune and Lymphatic – Both systems depend heavily on pH balance and gut health to work efficiently. That is why both an alkaline diet and alkaline water are important for both. In fact, maintaining healthy gut probiotics could be key to preventing alzheimer’s and dementia. This is based on recent research showing a link between gut and brain health, it remains to be confirmed by further research.

Muscular – The muscles benefit from an alkaline diet and alkaline water as well. Athletes alkalize their bodies prior to working out because it increases their endurance. Alkalizing also helps reduce muscle wasting, which is a problem that affects older people. Alkalizing helps you keep the muscles you’ve got.

Alkaline water has extra benefits for muscles. When you’re working out, it helps to flush and neutralize the lactic acid that causes muscles to burn. That helps you stay in the zone longer, so you get a better workout. Plus, you can make a sports drink out of alkaline water and powdered electrolyte drink mixes that is absolute rocket fuel. The sports drink reduced your perceived effort; it makes everything you do seem like it takes less effort than it normally does. As a result, you can do more and go harder.

Skeletal – Eating an alkaline diet provides everything you need to keep your bones healthy, and none of the stuff that makes them weak. Some of the strongest evidence of the benefits of alkaline water come from studies on alkaline water’s link to bone health. Research suggests that drinking alkaline water helps you keep the bone you’ve got. It is the only known long term safe method for maintaining good bone health.

Nervous – Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia have been directly linked to poor gut health. So has chronic low grade metabolic acidosis. An alkaline diet has been shown to support both a healthy gut, and helps the body avoid chronic acidosis. The same is true for alkaline water. In one study 88% of people with poor gut health found full or partial relief from their suffering just by drinking alkaline water alone. Alkaline water is also the only thing you can get that directly passes the blood/brain barrier. This barrier acts like a filter that protects the brain from the rest of the bloodstream. This means that those expensive antioxidant supplements  in the store do not protect the brain from damaging oxidation. Alkaline water does pass the brain blood barrier, so it can deliver its alkalinity directly to the brain, potentially protecting it from harmful oxidation.

Renal and urinary An alkaline diet and alkaline water both help raise your urine pH to healthy levels. Your How to test your urine pH can tell you a lot about your health. If it’s too low, you may suffer from metabolic syndrome. A constellation of health problems caused by the fact that your organs are slowly dying. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome are

  • Morbid obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Bone loss
  • High blood sugar
  • High cholesterol levels

The difference between having all of the above symptoms and none of them? It’s less than half of a pH! In fact, urine pH is so important that Ellie tests hers repeatedly, throughout the day to make sure her body is in a healthy alkaline state.

Reproductive toxic chemicals such as heavy metals can cause reproductive harm. Thankfully, alkaline water has been shown to help the body flush toxic metals out. Two studies in Sweden showed that the difference in mercury levels between women who drank acidic water and those who drank alkaline water was so stark that the researchers suggested that: “Alkaline water may provide protection against the toxic effects of mercury”

Respiratory The lungs also benefit from a healthy pH level. Blood pH doesn’t vary much, it’s usually in a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. But some people’s bodies have problems keeping it in that healthy range. When that happens, the hemoglobin is unable to release respiratory wastes. Each hemoglobin molecule can carry only 4 other molecules with it. When blood pH is too low, the hemoglobin can’t let go of the wastes they pick up. That means that they are unable to pick up fresh oxygen in the lungs. When that happens to you, you feel out of breath. If you feel constantly out of breath, then you have a real problem with low blood pH.

Alkaline water raises blood pH quickly, within moments of drinking it. This enables the hemoglobin to release wastes, and pick up fresh oxygen in the lungs. This is what you are likely feeling if you drink alkaline water and feel energized. Your body has more oxygen available, so it can burn more fuel, that fuel translates directly into the energy you feel.

Workout to stay healthy, not lose weight

Elle says that just 45 minutes of physical activity is all you need to stay healthy, and she’s right. Exercise is for maintaining and improving your health, not weight loss. The reason is simple: The amount of calories you burn in a workout is much smaller than what you gain from an average meal. So there is no chance of “working it off.” You are much better off switching to an alkaline diet, which has less calories than a Standard American Diet (SAD).

Working out has other benefits. It greatly reduces your risk of developing heart disease, dementia and other serious health problems. It keeps your bones strong, and improves your mood a lot. Working out does make your metabolism higher, and that will help you keep the pounds off if you combine working out with a healthy diet. Older adults should prioritize remaining active because it helps maintain strength and balance.

How to test your urine pH

You need to get pH strips specifically for testing urine. Not all pH test kits work for urine so make sure you get the right kind. What you will be doing is tracking your urine pH over a 24 hour period. If your average 24 hour urine pH is 6.15 or higher, then you’re safe from the ravaging effects of metabolic syndrome. Ideally, you want to test your urine pH each time you go. If that’s not practical, try to test it at the same times every day, so you get a reference for how your body pH is fluctuating throughout the day.

Schedule for testing urine pH

  • When you first wake up
  • Half hour before a meal
  • One hour after each meal
  • Before you go to bed

Keep a journal of your test results so you can compare them over time. You will find that your urine pH will be lowest when you first wake up, and for about an hour after meals. When you drink alkaline water, you should see an increase in your urine pH about a half hour to an hour after drinking the water. Healthy urine can measure anywhere from a pH  of 4 to 8. It is only if your average urine pH is consistently low, that you should be concerned. If you consistently see urine pH levels outside of the 4 – 8 pH range, see a doctor right away, you may have serious kidney problems.

Alkaline water makes any healthy diet healthier

The alkaline diet, and other healthy diets like the Mediterranean diet, all have one thing in common: They are loaded with fruits and vegetables. The only problem with this is, many of the herbicides and pesticides used to grow food leave behind residues – and those residues are bad for your health. Many people believe they  can remove those residues by rinsing their produce in the sink, but they’re wrong. To remove those residues safely, you have to break them down. Alkaline water does this, plain water doesn’t. You can even see it working: If you put alkaline water in one bowl, and plain water in the other, you can soak some produce in each bowl. You will see that the water in the alkaline water bowl will turn muddy brown within a few minutes. The color of the water in the plain water bowl won’t change. That muddy brown color is the harmful residues that alkaline water has broken down and removed from your produce.

You can also prepare foods with alkaline water to make them healthier. It makes better tasting tea and coffee, and Alkaline water increases the antioxidant benefit of tea from both. It’s great for reducing the acidity of citrus juice, and makes better rice as well. A home water ionizer should be a part of any healthy diet plan, because you should both drink and prepare your meals with alkaline water. When you use it this way, a water ionizer will deliver big savings over the cost of bottled alkaline water. In fact, you can finance a water ionizer per month for less than you’d pay for a month’s supply of bottled alkaline water.


Better health starts on day one with healthy water. Call us at 877-959-7977 for incredible savings that will put you back in charge of your health




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