Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride?

Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride by Water Ionizers

If there is fluoride in your water supply, then your kangen water® will contain fluoride. Fluoride removal requires a special filter that Enagic® Kangen does not have. The kangen water® machine also does not remove salt or heavy metals in your water. For the kangen water® machine to filter effectively, it needs a prefilter. kangen water® machine owners can purchase prefilters from Enagic® at substantial additional cost. Learn More

The Question Kangen representatives can’t answer

Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride?

Kangen water can contain fluoride, salt, and heavy metals

Some kangen dealers will tell you that their water ionizer’s filter takes “everything” out of your water. But you can easily prove them wrong. Just ask: If your water ionizer’s filter takes “everything” out, why does it say on Enagic’s website that the filter doesn’t remove heavy metals or salts?

Water Ionizers that do remove fluoride

Currently, Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer you can buy that you can get with an anti-fluoride filter. Life water ionizers come with a free prefilter. If you want a prefilter that removes fluoride, just ask, and it will be included free with your Life Ionizer.

Life Ionizers can also supply a reverse osmosis system that will remove over 99% of all contaminants from your water. After the reverse osmosis treatment, the water goes through two internal filters. The process used by a Life Ionizer also rejects any minimally remaining toxins out through the acidic water discharge port.

The reason Life Ionizers offers better filter systems than more expensive water ionizers like the kangen machine is that Life Ionizers carries every kind of filter you could possibly need, whether you need a filter for your home, or you want filtration for a water bottling plant – Life Ionizers has your filter. Because Life has such a huge inventory of filters, we can give you the exact filter you need to make sure your water is clean.

Why you need a prefilter on your water ionizer

You probably already know that there’s chlorine, and maybe fluoride in your water, but that’s not all. There are hundreds of different toxins that may be present in your water. Thankfully, there’s a way you can find out what toxins are in your water. Your local water authority has to file a report with the EPA every year that lists the toxins found in your water. To make sure your water ionizer makes clean alkaline water, you should get your water report and choose a prefilter that is designed to remove them.

If you buy a Life Ionizer, all that work is done for you. Life Ionizers provides you with a free water quality report, and gives you the correct pre-filter for the contaminants and toxins found in your water. This way, we can be sure that the alkaline water from your Life Ionizer is pure and healthy.

Hard Water: Why the kangen water® Machine needs a prefilter

If you have hard water, and don’t use a prefilter, you have to clean your kangen water® machine every two weeks, or it may clog up and fail. Hard water is one of those problems that should be dealt with by a prefilter because it can damage a water ionizer. If you do have hard water, Enagic® requires that you buy a prefilter – at substantial additional cost – or you will void your warranty!

Cleaning a kangen water® machine is an 8 step process, during which you have to take the machine apart. You have to leave the machine overnight to soak in it’s cleaning solution every time you  clean it. Imagine having to do this every two weeks!

A Life Ionizer only needs to be cleaned at filter changes, which typically happen every 6 to 9 months, depending on how much water you use. This means that you have to clean a kangen water® machine 12 times before you have to clean a Life Ionizer once! The reason the Life Ionizer can go so much longer than the kangen machine between cleanings? We give you the prefilter! As you can see, the right filtration makes a big difference!

Compare Life Ionizers to Kangen and see how much you can save!

Want to know what toxins are in your water? Call us at 877-959-7977 for a free water quality consultation and we’ll explain everything


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