Why distilled water isn’t safe to drink

Distilling water removes minerals that your body needs

Dangers of distilled water infographic

Drinking distilled water causes mineral deficiency

Distillation removes everything from water, including the minerals that your body needs for good health. Distilled water is pure water, but it is not natural water. Water in nature contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. Believe it or not, minerals like calcium are actually 30% easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food!

A study done on tap and bottled water actually recommends getting 8 – 16% of your daily recommended intake of essential minerals from drinking tap water!

But when you drink distilled water, you miss this important source of mineral nutrition. Distilled water may even leech minerals from the body!

Distilled water turns acidic

If you leave distilled water in an open container, it will become acidic. This happens because the water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, it becomes carbolic acid. This is why, in nature, carbon dioxide emissions cause acid rain.

How to make distilled water safe to drink

To make distilled water contain healthy minerals, you must put the minerals back into it. The best way to do that depends on whether you have a  water system, or use bottled water.

Distilled Water Systems: The best way to re-mineralize water made by a distilled water system is to use re-mineralizing cartridge. A coral calcium re-mineralizing cartridge puts calcium from coral into your water making it an alkaline mineral water. A re-mineralizing cartridge will give you a steady supply of minerals for about 6 months.

Distilled water with a water Ionizer: Pure water can’t be ionized, so you must re-mineralize it. Life Ionizers makes a remineralizing cartridge specifically for use with water ionizers. Combining a Life Ionizer with re-mineralized  water makes ionized alkaline water. Research shows that water from a water ionizer tastes better than plain water.

Distilled water from a bottle:  Pour distilled water through an alkaline filter pitcher such as The Pitcher of Life. The Pitcher of Life puts 84 healthy minerals into your  water.

Distilled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water

Distilled water and Reverse Osmosis water both lack minerals. Water made by reverse osmosis needs to be re-mineralized just like distilled water. If you have either of these water treatment systems, you need a re-mineralizing cartridge.

Want to find a home water system makes your water healthy to drink? Call us today at 877-959-7977 and find out what it takes to make your water healthy!


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