Concern over Water Pollution Increasing

According to a recent survey released by the Water Quality Association (WQA), 50% of Americans are concerned about the quality of their water. Many people are turning to home water treatment systems to ensure the quality of their water. The leading reasons Americans are growing more concerned about water pollution are concerns over chlorine, chloramines, and lead poisoning.

The random sample survey, conducted by Applied Research-West, offers a look into America’s’ evolving attitude about their water.

Boil Water ALERT – Bacterial Water Pollution on the Rise

water pollution statistics infographic

That awful taste in your tap water is trying to tell you something…

Boil water alerts tend to trigger purchase of water filtration systems. In fact, boil water alerts have been growing slightly in number over each survey period. The best filtration technology to combat bacterial water pollution is UV Light disinfection. This is why Life Ionizers adds the option to have a built-in UV Light System in their Ionizers. Floods, brought on by super storms caused by global warming are expected to continue to increase rates of bacterial contamination in water supplies.

Other toxins of concern

Increasing numbers of people say that would be willing to pay more on their water bill for the removal of MTBEs or pharmaceuticals found in their tap water. There is also a growing consensus for the use of home water treatment systems to remove biological waste, arsenic, lead, and other contaminants.

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How are people responding to water pollution?

Many Americans are turning to bottled water or buying filter pitchers such as The Pitcher of Life.  Whole Home water filtration systems are also becoming more popular. What is missing is public education about what works and what doesn’t for treating water pollution. For example, some people install water softeners in the mistaken assumption that these systems will make their water safer. But the fact is, water softeners don’t filter water pollutants, they only remove alkaline minerals from water. Ironically, those alkaline minerals are exactly what you need in your drinking water to make it healthy.

Water Pollution Treatment Options that work.

If your goal is healthy drinking water, you need to pick the right filtration technology. Filter pitchers like The Pitcher of Life are an economical way to filter your drinking water. Whole home systems are better because VOC contaminants like chlorine evaporate from your water and can contaminate the air inside your home.

Life Ionizers Water Pollution Treatment Systems

    • Pitcher of Life – Good for clean drinking water

    • UV Light Disinfection (patent pending)  – Protects you from bacteria, viruses, and cysts – optional on all Life Ionizer filter systems

    • Water Ionizers – Clean alkaline drinking water with enhanced health benefits

    • Dolphin Whole Home Filters – Protect your entire household from all of the contaminants in this article!

  • Life Super Filter – Upgrades your existing filter system – Effective against heavy metals, fluoride, VOC’s like chlorine and chloramines and more!

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