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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Life Ionizers: NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL Technology

Introducing Life Ionizers NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology Life Ionizers MXL Series ionizers with NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology make the most molecular hydrogen of any brand of water ionizer and makes antioxidant alkaline water at the same time! Click here to Compare alkaline water machines to hydrogen water machines
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Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus makes several false allegations against Life Ionizers. To set the record straight, we offer this rebuttal. We would prefer it if the owner of Alkaline Water Plus would take down the false allegations.
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Why your water ionizer MUST be BPA Free

The wrong kind of plastic tubing in a water ionizer could endanger your health. Here’s why you should insist on 100% BPA free tubing in your water ionizer: Alkaline water can pull chemicals like BPA and antimony out of plastic resins, where they can contaminate the water you’re drinking
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Life Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon

Testimonials from satisfied Life customers who’ve given Life Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon. They found the perfect ionizer, let us help you too! Our healthy water experts have years of experience tackling the toughest health challenges because many of us are Life customers too!
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Water Ionizers Compared to the Pitcher of Life

Water ionizers and the Pitcher of Life filter water and make it alkaline, but they do so by different means. Here is what you need to know: Ionizers make different levels of alkaline water. If you”re struggling with acidic health problems, you need to be able to control the pH and antioxidant potential of your alkaline water.
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Life Ionizers vs Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine

Compare Life Ionizers to Kangen and save thousands. See why Life always beats Enagic in water ionizer reviews in this 4 minute video. Life Ionizers make better alkaline water, have longer warranties, and cost a lot less than Kangen Water machines. Better health and better price is why Life is the water ionizer industry leader!
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New LC-11 Commercial Water Ionizer Means Business

The Life LC-11 commercial water ionizer boosts employee morale and increases productivity. Give your employees the healthy water they pay $2 – $3 a bottle for in stores. Alkaline water improves your hydration and boosts energy. With the LC-11 your employees can beat the 3 O’clock crash!
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Best Portable Water Ionizers under $1,000

On a tight budget? Want an ionizer that can travel? You’re in luck! The Life Ionizers Fuzion is the most powerful ionizer under $1,000, and it’s portable! Another budget friendly option is the Pitcher of Life, it’s better than a Brita and makes healthy, great tasting alkaline water for only $49.
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Are Water Alkalizers like Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers and water alkalizers do the same thing: They make alkaline water. The difference between them is the method they use to make alkaline water. The method used by water ionizers puts more antioxidant potential into water, but alkalizers are an economical option to consider if you want healthy water
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New 2018 Life Ionizers with Heavy Duty GRID Plates

New for 2015! Life Ionizers offers heavy duty Grid Plates as an option – 3X stronger than other water ionizer plates. So durable they’re guaranteed for life! Grid Plates are used in industrial water ionizers because they’re more durable and more efficient than any other plate. Grid plates have been in use in commercial-grade Life Ionizers for years, they’re time-tested and proven to be the toughest water ionizer plates made
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