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What’s in your Drinking Water? Brain-Eating Amoeba

How contaminated drinking water can infect you

How contaminated drinking water can infect you

Massive flooding caused by huge storms across the US has resulted in widespread bacterial contamination of public drinking water supplies. Recently, a lethal strain of bacteria has begun showing up in water supplies that is of special concern: Naegleria Fowleri, better known as a Brain-Eating Amoeba. This bacterium causes a horrible, crippling disease for which there is no known cure. Recently, three people have died from Brain-Eating Bacteria infections. Continued contamination of public drinking water supplies from flooding is likely to cause that number to rise.

States Where Brain-Eating Amoeba have recently been detected

  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Virginia
  • Kansas

What happens if you get infected?

The most likely outcome of a Brain-Eating Amoeba infection is death. If you get infected you will experience headaches, stiffness, fever and nausea – symptoms similar to the common cold. The similarity of the symptoms to a cold or fever is of special concern because victims often don’t seek treatment until it’s too late.

Southern States have the highest risk

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) infections usually occur during the summer months and in southern states. The bacteria become more active in hot weather, such as the record heat that has been sweeping the country.

How do I become infected?

Brain-Eating bacteria typically enter your body through the nose. It is considered much rarer to get it from drinking contaminated water, so your highest risk is when you bathe in contaminated water. The CDC recommends avoiding swimming, bathing and other activities in untreated water sources for this reason.

In your home, the main risk is that this bacterium infects your household plumbing during periods where your home water supply becomes contaminated. If your local water authority issues a boil alert for your area, you should treat your home’s water supply as if it has become contaminated with these deadly bacteria.

How can I protect myself?

If you must bathe in water you suspect may be contaminated, it is best to boil the water first. You should also hold your nose shut – use a nose clip, or just pinch it shut. Avoid swimming in lakes, ponds, streams, and other untreated freshwater sources.

The best way to prevent your home water supply from becoming contaminated is to install whole home filtration with UV Light disinfection. This form of water treatment offer the best protection because if you miss hearing about a “boil water” alert, the UV Light system will be there to protect you.

Recommended by the EPA and the Department of Homeland Defense

How UV Light disinfection works

UV Light Disinfection destroys bacteria DNA

UV Light disinfection was recommended in a joint study by the EPA and the Department of Homeland Defense as an effective means of protecting drinking water supplies from biological contamination in attacks by terrorists. Life Ionizers offers UV Light Disinfection on its Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System, and we guarantee our UV Light disinfection system for a full five years.

The protection provided to you and your family from UV Light disinfection is unmatched by any other filtration technology. Whole home UV Light disinfection is “on guard” and protecting you against water-borne infections 24/7. Keep in mind that UV light is the only currently available technology that can protect you against water-borne infection.  Reverse Osmosis systems, water softeners and other common water filtration technologies offer no protection whatsoever against bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

For more information on how Life Ionizers™ UV Light Disinfection protects you; call our water experts today at: 877-959-7977.

This article should not be relied on to determine if brain-eating amoeba are in your water. Click here to receive a free evaluation of your local water quality report to see if you may be risk for brain-eating amoeba might be in your water supply.

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