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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

That fancy bottled water you just drank? It’s tap water

The bottled water scam they’re not telling you about: Dasani – a product of Coca Cola, advertised as “pure, still water”, but it’s really just filtered tap water. Aquafina, a product of Pepsi,


The three most popular brands of bottled water? They’re just water

whose fancy label suggests purity with it’s depiction of a mountain range, is also just tap water. What about Fiji? It’s sold as a special imported water from the Fiji islands. But it’s bottled from the same source that provides tap water for island residents.

If you think that drinking bottled water is healthier than tap water, you’re being played for a fool.

Consider this: An estimated 25 percent or more of bottled water is actually just tap water. Sometimes it’s filtered, sometimes it’s not. The two most popular brands of bottled water, Dasani and Aquafina, are definitely tap water. If you buy either of those two brands, you’re paying a 2000% markup to drink the same water that’s flowing out of your tap.

Not-so-fun fact: You pay about $7.50 per gallon for Dasani and Aquafina, that’s about three times what you pay for a gallon of gas!

The bottled water scam that nobody’s talking about

Price gouging is normally something you’d expect government agencies such as the Justice Department to protect you from. But in the case of bottled water, the truth is that they aren’t. Mega-corporations like Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle have been generously padding their profits for years by bottling and selling tap water at a 2000% markup over their cost. Why are they allowed to get away with this?

Contrast that price-gouging markup with the recent controversy surrounding Turing Pharmaceuticals recent increase in price for the drug Daraprim, The price went from $13.50 per tablet, to $750 per tablet. That’s a 5,000% markup on the cost of that drug. That price gouging elicited public outrage – and justifiably so – along with promises from elected officials to look into pharmaceutical drug price gouging. So where is the outrage over the fact that hundreds of millions of people are being charged extortionist rates for bottled tap water?

Bottled alkaline water? That’s just tap water run through a water ionizer

An even bigger ripoff is bottled alkaline water. Nearly all bottled alkaline water is just tap water that they ran through a water ionizer. You pay about $2 per bottle for it, which works out to $8 or more per gallon! So how much does it cost the bottled water company to make it? It costs about a third of a cent per gallon. That’s also about how much you’d pay for it if you had your own water ionizer and made it yourself!

Fun fact: You’d save about $7.99.6 per gallon on alkaline water if you made it yourself with a water ionizer versus buying it in stores.

But what about the health benefits from drinking bottled alkaline water?

Some people justify paying the outrageous markup on bottled alkaline water by saying that it benefits their health. Alkaline water does benefit your health, but it’s just like nutritional supplements: You have to keep taking it every day to get the health benefits. If you stop drinking alkaline water, its beneficial effects start to wear off in about three days.

The alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer is even better than bottled alkaline water in an important respect: A Life water ionizer creates a high age-fighting antioxidant potential, right along with healthy alkalinity. Antioxidants help fight premature aging and the development of degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, and you don’t get antioxidant potential in bottled water!

How long do you expect to live? 20 more years? 30? or more? Do you really think it makes sense to pay $8 or more per gallon for water for the next few decades? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you plan to maintain your health with bottled alkaline water.

An even more fun fact: The payment you’d make if you finance a water ionizer is less than you’d pay for a month’s supply of bottled alkaline water. Once you’ve finished your payments, you’ll be paying just a third of a cent per gallon for alkaline water!

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