Bottled Mineral Water vs. Alkaline Water

bottled mineral water compared to alkaline water infographic

Alkaline water is a bargain compared to bottled water

Bottled mineral waters have become popular today as people discover the benefits of waterborne mineral nutrition. Alkaline water ionizers are gaining in popularity and public acceptance as word gets out about the health benefits of alkaline water. What few people know is, mineral water and alkaline water is actually the same thing! If you test the pH of any bottled mineral water sold today, you will find out that it has a pH of greater than 7, which means it’s alkaline. However, alkaline water and bottled mineral waters differ in important ways.

Mineral Content

Bottled mineral water and alkaline water both get their healthy qualities from the minerals in them. The reason minerals in water are so good for you is that they are easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food. The minerals you get from water are primarily calcium and magnesium; there are other minerals as well. A water ionizer is an endless source of mineral water, so you get more minerals from alkaline water from a water ionizer than you do from bottled mineral water.

Sodium Danger of Bottled Mineral Water

Many bottled mineral waters are high in sodium as well, so if you are on a low sodium diet, be careful! Read the label of the bottled mineral water to determine sodium content. If you can’t find out how much sodium is in that bottled mineral water, don’t drink it!

Water ionizer systems can tailor mineral content

Tap water in North America has very low sodium content, so alkaline water from a water ionizer is unlikely to contain much sodium. A water ionizer has an advantage over bottled mineral water – you can tailor the mineral content to meet your health needs. There are several ways to do this. You can filter out sodium (or other unwanted elements) with the right pre-filtration. You can add the minerals you want to your water with a re-mineralization cartridge.

Bottled Mineral Water vs. Water Ionizers – Cost

Bottled mineral water is very expensive; a gallon of it costs more than a gallon of gas! By comparison, a water ionizer is an investment. You pay for it once, and you own it. You get an unlimited supply of alkaline water compared to the very limited supply of water you get when you buy it in bottles. The average cost for a gallon of alkaline water is about 2 – 3 cents per gallon.

Bottled Mineral Water vs. Water Ionizers – Convenience

A water ionizer is the most convenient source of mineral water in the world; it is an endless supply of healthy water that is as close as your kitchen sink. Bottled water isn’t convenient; you run can out of it and you have to find space in your kitchen for all those bottles! Bottles water also generates a lot of waste.


Bottled Mineral Water vs. Alkaline Water – Taste

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes amazing; it’s sweeter and way more refreshing than any bottled mineral water. Life Ionizers guarantees the alkaline water from our water ionizers will taste better than any bottled mineral water you’re drinking.

Bottled mineral water can (and frequently does!) taste like plastic. Be advised that the plastic taste may mean that toxic BPA has seeped into the water. Alkaline water by Life Ionizers is 100% BPA free – guaranteed.

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