Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer

Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer! Check It Out.

Want Better Kangen Water®?  Get a Life

Treat youself to the best – Get a Life!

Kangen® water is claimed by Enagic’s® network of multi-level marketing salespeople to be the cure for a literally unbelievable number of ailments. Unfortunately, although some of the claims may be true, the FDA doesn’t allow you to make them and this becomes fuel for skeptics of alkaline water. While it may be marketed for some of its health benefits, health claims made by Enagic®/Kangen® dealers can have a negative impact on the water ionizer industry.

Enagic has no control over how Kangen Water® is sold

A growing number of consumer websites are calling for Enagic® to be held responsible for the excessive claims of its salespeople. Unfortunately, Enagic® can’t be held responsible for the claims its distributors make, because its distributors do not work for Enagic®.

The company makes an effort to educate its salespeople about ionized, alkaline water and its benefits through information resources like webinars. Unfortunately, even sound health advice can be misunderstood, or even misrepresented by a person that wants to close a sale. Enagic® has no control over what its dealers can claim because Enagic® dealers are independent salespeople, they are accountable only to themselves.

Public Oversight Lacking

Responsible companies like Life Ionizers follow the rules as they know that people who have had health benefits will tell their friends and associates and that will spread the knowledge without violating the FDA rules.

Why Life Ionizers® makes  better kangen® water

Legitimate companies compete by being better. To Life Ionizers this means:

  • Industry leading technology
  • Industry leading certifications
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Widest range of choices for the consumer

Life Ionizers® has invested heavily in innovative technology such as GRID plates, Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology (patent pending), UV Light Technology (patent pending), and SMPS power Systems. Life’s investment in technology is a measure of its long-term commitment to the quality of its products. Enagic® has not improved its technology since its Leveluk® SD-501® was first introduced over 6 years ago.

Life Ionizers® leads the water ionizer industry with more quality certifications than any other company. Life is certified by the NSF/ANSI, UL, EU, WQA gold seal, and others as well. The WQA Gold Seal NSA/ANSI Certification is important since it ensures that an ionizer is lead-free.

Life Ionizers® leads the water ionizer industry with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the business. Life’s flagship 9000 series ionizers come with an unconditional lifetime warranty, by comparison, Enagic® offers only a limited 5 year warranty.

Life offers a wider range of water ionizers than any other company, from the 5 plate Life M5, to the commercial ionizers that can produce an amazing 4000 liters an hour of alkaline, ionized water at a pH of up to 11 and an – ORP value of up to -800. Enagic® only offers the® Leveluk®, and a slightly enhanced “super” edition. learn more

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