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Best Portable Water Ionizers under $1,000

Best Portable Water Ionizers under $1,000 and why?

The Life Fuzion is a portable water ionizer that works just like a coffee machine, pour water into the top, and out comes alkaline water. The Fuzion’s coffee-maker convenience and low price make it the best portable  water ionizer under $1,000, and a perfect gift for the healthy traveler in your life. If you own a water ionizer, you’ll understand the need for portable water ionizers you can take with you.

Best Portable Water Ionizers under $1,000

Yes, you really can take it with you when you own the best portable water ionizer

For some, drinking alkaline water has been life-changing, and the last thing they want is for those benefits to wear off. But the fact is, once you stop drinking it, the benefits do gradually wear away after a few days. Bottling your alkaline water can last a couple of days when you travel, but if you drink 2 -3 liters per day, as many do, you’d have to bring 6 to 9 liters with you just to get through a three day weekend! Thankfully, there’s a better way.

How the Life Fuzion Works

Simply pour water into the top of the Life Fuzion, the water will then flow through the Fuzion’s four-plate ionization chamber and then into the alkaline and acidic water compartments. Why does the Fuzion make alkaline and acidic water at the same time? Because the process used all water ionizers including the Fuzion, called Two Chamber Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis splits the carbonate mineral compounds in water in half. The alkaline minerals go to one compartment, and the acidic carbonate goes to the other. I put the acidic water in a bottle, and use in to rinse my hair in the shower. Acidic water from a water ionizer is a miracle rinse for hair! People with long hair – mine is over two feet long – will really appreciate what an acidic water rinse will do for their hair.

Why the Life Fuzion is perfect for travel

The Fuzion is small and light, it’s actually designed to fit in a suitcase. You can use it coffee maker style, by pouring water into the top, or connect it to a sink like a conventional ionizer. However, the Life Fuzion doesn’t have any filter system, so you need to either use clean bottled water, or if connecting to the sink, we recommend you use a Life Super Filter as pre-filter. The Life Super Filter is a wide-spectrum filter, so it protects you from the widest range of contaminants in water.

Best Portable Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Another option for healthy people on the go is the Pitcher of Life. The pitcher works differently than the Fuzion, it’s an alkaline water filter pitcher, not an ionizer. The Pitcher of Life works by filtering water, and adding a small number of minerals to it to alkalize it. The Pitcher of Life doesn’t make alkaline water with the same amount of antioxidant potential that the Fuzion does, but you do get a small amount of antioxidant potential, and plenty of acid-fighting alkalinity.

The Pitcher of Life is slim, it fits easily in a suitcase or a refrigerator door, and it makes a great gift!

Convertible Life Water Ionizers can travel too!

Got a summer home? Going to be away for a few months? If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, a convertible Life Ionizer is your best choice. All Life home water ionizers are convertible: This means you can use them on the countertop, or under the counter with Life’s optional faucet kit. So you can use your Life Ionizer under the counter while at home, and take it with you to your summer home to use as a countertop water ionizer. With all the options that Life Ionizers offers you when you travel, you never have to go without the life-changing benefits of alkaline water.

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