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Benefits of Acid Water for Health and Beauty

Water ionizers make two kinds of water: Alkaline water for drinking and cooking, and acid water, which has health and beauty uses. Many water ionizer owners don’t realize just how useful acid water can be. Acid water from a water ionizer is a miracle hair rinse. For those with long hair that have tried other acidic rinses, like the apple cider vinegar rinse, acidic water does a much better job. It is also a great astringent for skin.  Acid water is a mild sanitizer which is helpful for washing cuts and scrapes, and soothing the sting of burns.

Acid Water for Hair Care

acid water benefits infographic

The acid water from a water ionizer has many uses

Your hair has a pH of 4 – 4.5, which is acidic, but your tap water has a pH of at least 6.5 or higher. To make matters worse for your hair, if you have hard water, it may have a much higher pH. Hard water also leaves hard water deposits on your hair just like it does on your plumbing. Hard water is usually alkaline, and it will leave hair a dried out, tangled mess.

An acid water rinse works similar to an apple cider vinegar rinse, which is a popular rinse for hair care.

How to do an acid water rinse for hair care

Skin care with acid water

Your skin also has an acidic pH, similar to your hair. If you have hard water, and most people do, your water is doing the same thing to your skin that it does to your hair, drying it out. A quick rinse with acid water can help change that, you can even soak a tissue in acidic water for a quick touch up anytime your skin feels greasy or dried out.

If you have blemishes, such as acne, studies show that acid water rinses can help clear them up. You may even wish to carry acid water in a spray bottle to easily give the affected area a quick spray several times throughout the day. (Desai, A., et al)

Acid water for health and healing

Acid water can help protect your health too. It acts as a sanitizer when you get cuts and scrapes so it can help protect a wound from becoming infected. Studies of acid water for wound care shows that it can help speed healing too.

Acid water is also good if you get burns on your skin. When I’m not writing this blog, I keep myself entertained by dancing with fire. As you might imagine, I do set myself on fire from time to time as a result. Acid water is the relief I reach for every time I set myself on fire.

Acidic water can make your food healthier too. American food safety authorities have been cut to the bone in the name of “budget austerity” what this means to you: Fewer food inspections, increased risks of sickness or death from food poisoning. For your own safety, you should soak your produce and eggs in acidic water for about 10 minutes to inactivate bacteria.

There are many uses for alkaline and acid water, if you want to know more call us today at 877-959-7977. A water ionizer can do a lot more for you than you realize! (Wang, L, M Bassirir, and et al.)


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