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Potential Benefits of Alkaline Water for Hair Loss

Recent research on the causes of hair loss reveals that oxidative stress from Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is a major factor in hair loss and male pattern baldness. Oxidative stress is aggravated by poor diet, stress, high testosterone levels, and some medications. Thankfully, there is hope: Ionized alkaline water with high negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) has been shown to lower levels of oxidative stress. It has the potential to neutralize the harmful ROS that attacks hair follicles. In addition to alkaline water, antioxidant superfoods like blueberries and many purple foods are also capable of reducing oxidative stress. Research on alkaline water for hair loss is ongoing. But if you’re losing your hair now you may not want to wait for those studies to be finished!

potential benefits of alkaline water for hair loss infographic

Alkaline water helps neutralize harmful Reactive Oxygen Species that contribute to hair loss

Hair loss factors you can control

Hair loss is primarily caused by genetics, but there are some hair loss factors that are in your control:

  • Smoking – If you smoke, quit
  • UV Radiation from the sun
  • Oxidative Damage from ROS

Smoking causes premature greying and hair loss. Cigarette smoke increases oxidative damage. It results in damage to DNA and inflammation in the tissues surrounding the hair follicle.

UV Radiation causes premature greying and hair loss by increasing the production of free radicals and other Reactive Oxygen Species in the scalp. Research also suggests that UV Radiation also slows hair growth.

Oxidative damage increases as we age. At the same time, our body’s antioxidant defenses decline. Large studies have shown that choosing a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the build-up of harmful oxidants that cause hair loss and other health issues.

Alkaline water Reduces Oxidation from Reactive Oxygen Species

Along with a healthy alkaline diet, drinking alkaline water also has the potential to reduce harmful Reactive Oxygen Species. Lab studies have shown that alkaline water reduces hydrogen peroxide – a ROS – into water and hydrogen. Studies on rats have shown that alkaline water significantly reduced levels of ROS in rats that had high levels of ROS in their livers from alcohol. The reduction was so significant, that researchers speculated that alkaline water may be a hangover cure.

Alkaline water for drinking, Acidic water for a rinse

Drinking alkaline water to Reduce harmful oxidation has potential benefits for your hair. But when rinsing your hair you actually want to use acidic water. Inside the body, the ideal healthy environment is slightly alkaline, the blood has a healthy pH range of 7.35 – 7.45. But outside the body, the proper pH of hair and skin is actually acidic! Your hair and skin have a healthy pH range of between 3 – 3.5. Your skin’s acid-mantle is your first defense against infection. The acidity of your skin destroys harmful organisms by oxidizing them – it works the same way oxidation destroys your hair! For this reason, the ideal rinse for your hair and skin are acidic.

Acid water is a miracle rinse for hair. My hair is 2 ½ feet long. I rinse it with acidic water at the end of every shower because it reduces split ends and tangles Acidic water leaves my hair shiny, soft, and manageable. In fact, shortly after I started drinking alkaline water, and rinsing my hair with acidic water, my hair loss actually stopped.  By this time (almost 50 years of age) both my dad and granddad had significant hair loss at the crown. So for me to still have a full head of hair – and then some – is simply amazing.


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