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Artificially Alkaline Water EXPOSED: Is your heart at risk?

Does artificially alkaline water cause erratic heart behavior? Hypertension? Nervousness or anxiety?  Urinary tract and bladder infections? Stabbing side pains?

No.  People on the U.S East Coast have been drinking artificially alkaline water from their tap for since the early 1900’s – without side effects. Why are people drinking artificially alkaline water on the U.S East Coast? Because water is made artificially alkaline by municipal water treatment facilities. They do this to raise the pH of their water  by adding an alkali – usually slaked lime – to the soft water found on the East Coast.

artificially alkaline water side effects infographic

water is made artificially alkaline by adding an alkali to it.

Do water ionizers make water artificially alkaline?

No. Water ionizers don’t add substance to water. Instead, water ionizers raise the pH of water by separating the alkaline substances in water, such as calcium and magnesium, from the acidic substances in water such as carbonate and sulphate. The process of separating the alkaline ions in water from the acidic ions in water is called electrodialysis.

After the alkaline and ions are separated, they are discharged in separate streams of water, one alkaline and the other acidic. The electrodialysis separation process increases the concentration of alkaline minerals in your water, and raises it’s pH. With the acidic substances removed, the alkaline water that results is naturally clean and pure.

The acidic substances that are discharged in a separate stream of water make that water acidic. The acidic water produced by a water ionizer is great for your hair and skin, and it’s the perfect pH for your garden.

Are there any reports of artificially alkaline water causing health problems?

No. You can check reputable medical websites such as, and Pubmed – which is run by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. You will find no reports or studies on artificially alkaline water and/or health problems. If your local water treatment plant uses artificial alkalinity to raise the pH of your drinking water, you have nothing to worry about.

Why do municipal water treatment plants make water artificially alkaline?

Because the EPA requires tap water to have a pH of at least 6.5. According to Water Treatment – a handbook for municipal water treatment plant operators, when the pH of water is below 6.5, the pH of water must be increased adding an alkali to it. Water treatment authorities add lime, caustic soda, or soda ash to water to raise its pH.

Why do competitors claim that water ionizers make artificially alkaline water?

Most of our competitors are selling water filtration equipment, and they want to scare you away from water ionizers. They sell a system that makes water alkaline by adding alkaline substances to it. Which means that their system actually makes artificially alkaline water! If the claims were true, the water filtration system they sell would actually cause the side effects that they are warning you about! Thankfully, artificially alkaline water doesn’t harm health, so if you have one of these systems, it’s safe to drink the water from it. Water from a water ionizer is naturally alkaline water because water ionizers don’t add anything to the water they make – unlike others.

Water ionizers make naturally alkaline water

The electrodialysis process used by water ionizers restores water to its primal state: The condition it’s found in glaciers and deep-well aquifers. Water in it’s primal state is rich in essential alkaline minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It contains very little acidic substances. Water becomes acidified mostly by carbon dioxide from the air, and sulfates found in the environment. When that happens, water loses it’s naturally refreshing taste.

You can tell that a water ionizer has restored water to it’s natural primal state because a water ionizer restores that naturally refreshing taste to water. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes slightly sweeter, and a lot more refreshing than plain water or bottled water – you can tell the difference blindfolded!

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Water in its natural primal state has been prized for health for centuries

You can find lot’s of evidence that water in it’s primal state has beneficial health effects by searching through history. The Nordenau springs in Germany have been sought after for centuries by people looking to improve their health, the same is true of Zam Zam water from Saudi Arabia, and Hita tenryosui in Japan. All of these natural water taste like the alkaline water you get from a water ionizer because they aren’t tainted by acidic substances. They are drawn up from deep inside the Earth, were they are protected from those acidic substances.

With a water ionizer in your kitchen, the natural goodness and great taste of naturally alkaline water in it’s primal state is as close as your kitchen sink.

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