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Artificial Alkaline Water Scam | Quack Alert by Life Water Ionizers

Artificial Alkaline Water Scam | Quack Alert by Life Water Ionizers

A public rebuke. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. In an article ALKALINE WATER AND WHY AVOID IT (sic)  makes several statements concerning natural and artificial alkaline water, and water ionizers that are factually untrue. He claims vegetarians suffer from a disease called ‘Yin Disease’ that doesn’t actually exist. Furthermore, he makes morally offensive claims about women on vegetarian diets. As a public service, this article will rebut the factually incorrect claims he’s made. If you are reading this “Dr.” Wilson, I encourage you to correct the factual inaccuracies in your article.

Artificial Alkaline Water Scam | Quack Alert by Life Water Ionizers

Quack: What do you call a doctor whose practice is built on unproven medical claims?

Who is Dr. Lawrence Wilson?

Dr. Wilson is an author who promotes controversial and unproven theories concerning vegetarian diets. He also seems to believe that virtually everyone is suffering from copper toxicity, the symptoms of which are:

  • Vomiting of blood
  • Low blood pressure
  • Jaundice
  • Gastrointestinal distress

The Facts: Copper toxicity is extremely rare because our bodies are very good at regulating their copper levels. There is no way a vegetarian diet  could supply enough copper to overcome the body’s copper regulation mechanisms. Any person that exhibits copper toxicity symptoms should seek medical help right away, it’s an immediately life-threatening situation.

Dr. Wilson also claims that vegetarian diets have “too much yin” and are “very low in etheric energy” and seriously deficient in many nutrients. None of these claims are supported by medical research. He claims that vegetarian diets are high in copper and lead to copper toxicity – all without providing a single medical reference. Copper toxicity is a rare condition, and vegetarians are NOT at risk of contracting it!

The Facts: There isn’t enough copper in food to cause copper toxicity, that’s why the condition is exceedingly rare. The concept of Yin disease comes from ancient Chinese medical beliefs, it’s not a recognized medical condition in modern medicine.

Dr Wilson’s Artificial Alkaline Water Scam EXPOSED

The medically questionable claims of Dr. Wilson came to my attention when I read his article on artificially alkaline water. The claims Dr. Wilson makes about alkaline water defy the laws of chemistry and physics, and suggest Dr. Wilson is ignorant of both. Below are claims made in ALKALINE WATER AND WHY AVOID IT (sic) with rebuttals

Statements in blue are Dr. Wilson’s

Claim: What is “Artificially Alkaline Water?” Dr. Wilson states: “This is most often tap water that is put through an electrical machine that often runs the water over platinum and titanium plates.  This process causes the exchange of some platinum and titanium ions that makes the water more alkaline in its pH

Fact: Dr. Wilson’s claim defies the laws of chemistry. There is no “exchange” of platinum and titanium ions in the process used by a water ionizer. Plus, You can’t raise the pH of water with platinum or titanium because neither metal has an alkaline pH!

Alkaline water, whether from a water ionizer or a spring, gets its alkalinity from calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These minerals are alkaline minerals, they are found in the first two columns on the left side of the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Platinum and titanium are not alkaline minerals, so they can’t raise the pH of water!

Claim: The real cause of excess acidity at the cellular level is a deficiency of what is called the alkalizing or alkaline reserve minerals

Fact: While the body’s alkaline buffer does decline with age, there is no medical evidence to suggest that body acidity is caused by mineral deficiency. Medical science has documented the fact that an acidic diet is the main cause of excessive body acidity. Two recent studies in The Lancet recommend eating a diet that is 80% vegetables and 20% meat to restore good health in the case of acidic body conditions.

Claim: drinking artificially alkalized water does little or nothing to replace these vital minerals.  In fact, it may deplete them for unusual reasons.  It may make the body think it is alkaline, so the body does not need to hold on to its alkaline reserve minerals as much, and it eliminates some of them, making the person even more deficient.

Fact: Artificially alkaline water is made by adding slaked lime to water. It is a common water treatment method used by municipal water utilities to raise the pH of their source water if the water’s pH is below the EPA minimum required pH of 6.5. Raising the pH of water through artificial alkalinity has been a common water treatment method used in the US by water treatment facilities for over 100 years

Did you know? If you live on the US East Coast, your tap water is artificially alkaline water! This is because most source water on the East Coast has a pH of below 6.5. So your local water treatment facility is raising your water’s pH, making it artificially alkaline by adding slaked lime to it. People have been drinking artificially alkaline water on the East Coast for over 100 years, it’s perfectly healthy because it supplies calcium.

Claim: Water from alkaline water machines replaces the vital minerals with a little cadmium, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals found in tap water.

Fact: Water ionizers don’t remove minerals from water, to do that you must use a reverse osmosis system or at least a scale-block filter. Water ionizers actually concentrate the vital minerals in your water to make it alkaline! Another fact, not all tap water contains cadmium, lead, arsenic, or other toxic metals.

Life Ionizers protects you from toxic materials in water! Every Life Ionizer comes with a custom-configured filtration system which is configured based on the toxins listed in the annual report your local water utility files every year with the EPA. If there are toxic substances in your water, Life Ionizers will configure your filter system to remove them.

Claim: Filters that I have seen that are said to remove a lot of toxic metals tend to damage the water even worse.  Reverse osmosis is an example of this type, along with KDF and other types of “advanced” filtration media.

Fact: You can’t damage water. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If you break it apart, you end up with two gases: Hydrogen and oxygen. Otherwise, it’s a water molecule, there’s no way to damage it.

Reverse osmosis removes over 99% of all substances from water, it makes pure water. You can’t damage water molecules with reverse osmosis

KDF filters remove toxic heavy metals and arsenic, among other harmful elements. In fact, a KDF filter will protect you from all of the toxic substances that Dr. Wilson warns you about in his article!

Claim: alkaline water machines also replace the good minerals with a little platinum and titanium found in the plates that the water passes over to make it alkaline.  These are both supremely toxic metals, especially platinum. In addition, I have observed slightly higher levels of nickel in those who use alkaline water machines

Fact: Water ionizers don’t “replace” minerals in water, they can’t. What a water ionizer does do is separate the alkaline substances in water from the acidic substances in water. Both are discharged in separate streams of water, one alkaline and one acidic. Neither platinum or titanium are “extremely toxic” in fact some studies suggest that platinum may function as an antioxidant!

Fact: There is no nickel used in the manufacture of Life water ionizers. Nickel is a naturally occurring substance in some sources of tap water and it’s a trace mineral that you need for good health.

Claim: The nickel is probably leached from the stainless steel in the machine

Fact: You can’t get a nickel out of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not contain nickel.

Claim:  Carbon filtration also does not remove enough of the toxic chemicals in the water, so one is also getting a dose of chlorine, fluorides, aluminum, copper, residues of medical drugs in many areas, pesticides and more

Fact: Life Ionizers uses laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block (patent pending) and customized external filtration to get ALL of the toxins in your water. Whatever toxins are in your water, Life Ionizers has a filter for it, and that filter will be included free with your Life Ionizer.

Claim: Alkaline water machines do not really balance the body’s pH, although they will change it a little, giving some people the impression they are getting well when, in fact, they are becoming more ill.

Fact: There are multiple studies that show alkaline water from a water ionizer does raise your and help balance your body’s pH balance. It is physically impossible for alkaline water from a water ionizer to make anybody more ill.

Claim: Is the water from an alkaline water machine the same as naturally alkaline spring water?  Definitely not.

Fact: Alkaline water from a water ionizer is chemically and physically similar to the spring water from the few, rare antioxidant mineral springs that exist in nature. In fact, for most people, alkaline water from a water ionizer is the only way you can get antioxidant alkaline water.

Types of Alkaline Water Processing

Dr. Wilson next attempts to describe the process used by water ionizers to make alkaline water and fails miserably. He clearly has no idea how a water ionizer actually works. His description of the process violates the laws of both chemistry and physics. Dr. Wilson claims to have seen “terrible problems” but he fails to present even one case study!

What is “Yin Disease” anyways? Dr. Wilson’s claims about alkaline water rely mainly on his claim that it causes “Yin Disease” I went to Medline PubMed, NCBI which is the largest database of published medical research in the USA to look up Yin Disease:  Here is what I found:

Nothing. No research on Yin Disease has ever been published in the medical record of the United States.

There is no such thing as Yin Disease. Anybody who calls themselves a doctor and claims that anyone is suffering from Yin Disease is a quack. Dr. Lawrence Wilson is the worst kind of quack, his fake disease diagnosis and fraudulent “medical” advice put people’s health at risk. Authorities in Arizona need to take action and protect the citizens of Arizona from this quack.

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