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Are Water Alkalizers like Water Ionizers?

Are Water Alkalizers like Water Ionizers: Important differences

What is a water alkalizer? A water alkalizer uses a series of special filters to reduce contaminants and add alkaline minerals to your drinking water. Life’s new water alkalizer uses four filters to reduce contaminants in your water, and then adds a healthy proprietary mix of minerals to your water which raises it’s pH and changes it from a positive ORP (antioxidant) to small amount of antioxidant potential. A water alkalizer is different from a water ionizer. Both machines make water alkaline, but a water ionizer puts a lot more antioxidant potential into water.

Are Water Alkalizers like Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers give higher antioxidant potential than water alkalizers

What is a water ionizer? A water ionizer uses a different process than a water alkalizer to make water alkaline. A water ionizer uses electromagnetism to split the mineral carbonate compounds in tap water into alkaline ions and acidic ions. The alkaline ions then combine with an antioxidant hydroxyl ion to form a new mineral compound called a mineral hydrate. The mineral hydrates give the alkaline water from a water ionizer very high antioxidant potential. The acidic carbonate ions are released in a separate stream of acidic water.

Alkaline mineral hydrates are better for hydration

A water alkalizer uses a filter to add mineral compounds to water. They add a small amount of mineral hydrates, which is why you get a little antioxidant potential in your water from a water alkalizer. Water ionizers provides about 400% more antioxidant potential.

Whichever machine you use, you get healthy alkaline water, but a water ionizer gives you more antioxidant potential and more alkaline mineral hydrates. A water alkalizer works best if you don’t have hard water because a water alkalizer works by adding minerals to your water.

How Life’s new water alkalizer works

Life’s new water alkalizer uses 4 filters to purify and alkalize your water. The first filter traps sediments in your water. The second and third filters reduce contaminants, and removes the taste and odor of chlorine from your water. The fourth filter adds healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium to your water, and raises it’s pH. The alkalizer makes alkaline water with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5, depending on the quality of your source water, and gives your water an antioxidant potential of about -200 mV ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

The antioxidant potential of a water ionizer

Health A water ionizer puts a lot more antioxidant potential in your water. If you are dealing with health problems or want to enhance sports performance, a water ionizer is a better choice. Many health problems are aggravated by oxidation – a chemical destruction of DNA and cells. Alkaline water with high antioxidant potential can reduce oxidants such as Reactive Oxygen Species that cause oxidative damage.

Sports performance is also enhanced by alkaline water. Research shows that alkaline water can reduce the acidity caused by exercise-induced acidosis, and improve hydration status during workouts. Drinking alkaline water can also help athletes recover faster.

For example, the Life M-13 water ionizer can put over -800 ORP antioxidant potential into your water, that’s 400% more antioxidant potential than the alkaline water made by the water alkalizer! The M-13 was designed for doctors and therapists, it packs the highest possible antioxidant potential into the alkaline water of any current model.

Water alkalizers are for maintaining good health

If you’re in good health, a water alkalizer is an economical choice to keep it that way. The minerals in alkaline water are good for your health, and a water alkalizer will give you plenty of those minerals in every glass of water you drink. A water ionizer is a better choice if you are fighting health problems because the mineral hydrates made by a water ionizer have higher acid-fighting alkalinity and antioxidant potential than the alkaline water made by an alkalizer.

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